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    my interests are<br />Football(soccer)<br />rugby union and league<br />Breeding budgie's<br />breeding cockatiel's.<br />Helping people<br />and most importantly giving bird's a home and chance at life which always gives me the satisfaction of knowing that i am relied on by my bird's to survive.
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  1. Thanks nubbly, Being a gold ring he's okay to breed, the other hen i have to check the date on the ring to see when in 2008 it was born.... she has a brown cere so i'm guessing she's only just coming onto breeding
  2. Thanks for the info neville, didn't know that :hug:
  3. :yes: that's a good idea Liv, I should do that for my tiel's.
  4. I myself, Blow the husk off the top of the tray Then i give it a half refill to top it back up... it only costs me $1.10 per KG ... so it's not that much of a problem when wasting it.... but if you want it to last, just blow the husk off and give it a top up
  5. I see, Thanks for the info, Appreciate it, I originally thought he was a duster due to the suspected juvenile cere, But i saw the gold ring and knew he wasn't cause he would be a big ball of fluff by now
  6. Yellow face mauve maybe? any pictures of her back?
  7. Look forward to the photo's... never heard of yolk-less eggs before ... Unless it contains a chick :yes:
  8. Oh wow.. didn't think he would be lacewing... :yes: Is their a reason why his cere is pink still? he's got a Gold ring on his leg.... so he defnitly aint a juvenile And also, What might i get if they breed?
  9. Okay i bought a pair of budgie's today for $44 as i had a spare home cage that would be great for a pair to just live in.... Anyone have any idea what the white one is?.... he has a pink cere as well... which is confusing me as he looks well mature... Also what is the female... i know she's got green and such but i wanna know if she masks anything else... Male is the white and female is the green heres the pictures
  10. That grandchild looks to be getting white fuzz might be opaline , What are the parent's mutations of the grandchild's parents? ...is their opaline in any of them?
  11. He's sky blue & Opaline, I know that much, Not sure on the wing markings though
  12. I had a similar scenario with my old budgie that i had, i had an 07 cock and the 02 cock in the aviary, next thing i know the 07 cock is on mating with it? :rofl: ...i guess it's just random experimentation or something
  13. Wow, what a beauty! ...should get some great quality photo's from it..... P.S Kaz your avatar is a crack-up
  14. My pair threw an albino and it never had white fuzz, ....all i know is that opaline has white fuzz, wether theirs more i'm not sure :rofl:
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