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  1. Strongly strongly advise to NOT do it from day one. It depends on your time and schedule you have to dedicate, I personally have never had success in hand-rearing budgies, and find the birds are much tamer just being handled in the nest 2 times a day from about 2 weeks on.
  2. Hi, I believe you possibly have a male. It is a fallow, which means for males the cere will always stay a pink colour... may be an out of season hen though.
  3. Why were all the posts deleted from this?
  4. You can buy babies sexed.... I think its a great idea. Tame baby budgies are reasonably easy to find, Be sure to get a male, as they will get along better then a male and female He will still keep talking, two male budgies often chatter away to each of, and get the whole flirty eyes and head bobbing going! Your budgie would love a friend They are flock animals.
  5. I think she would be ready now, maybe a week or two just to let the cere turn that little bit more of a nutty colour. And yes, I agree with Finnie on the perches! Didn't notice them
  6. Your setup is perfect. Heck, better then mine! Personally, I think you don't need to change a thing whatsoever. The pellets are good, probably no need for safflower seeds unless the birds eat them. I know with mine, they would just kick them out. Either or. Also, I would recommend having a separate sprout mix. Not necessary, but provides more protein the normal budgie mix. In mine, I have bandicoot oats, sunflower, chick peas, wheat and... something else. I dunno. You probably don't need the calcium block in there if you have the cuttlebone as well. Otherwise, keep it as it is!
  7. Squeak_Crumble, and what parentage do these Ino's with cinnamon in wings have? As for this hen, she gave an Albino male chick (with a Violet Cinnamon split to Ino cock), that's why she's an Albino. If she's also a Fallow, I'm afraid, we'll never know. Any parentage. It doesn't really matter, an albino with poor markings is the same as an albino with good markings. Albinos can be produced from visuals or male splits. I have found that albino's with lacewing in their parentage, from long ago or 1 generation, sometimes have markings in them. If I saw it in my aviary I probably wouldn't question it, it may be that she is just a poorly marked albino.
  8. Personally, I have had ino's with cinnamon in the wings (normally the flights), but she could just be a very very poorly marked fallow.
  9. Any pictures of the back? The hen may be a visual fallow?
  10. Get a used milo tin, go the bottom and push a pen or something through, or drill a small hole, whatever. take lid off and place the tin over a torch, sit the egg in the pen hole, and voila.
  11. That size cage is standard for breeding birds in amongst breeders. I am pretty sure Kaz uses that, but turns the front upside down. If you are hand-rearing the chicks (in that last few weeks I assume, as you can't really hand-rear them once weaned) then this cage should be fine. I use it for cockatiels. It depends on the age you are taking them out, they can still be in the box or you may need a brooder. The parents need to be removed once you start hand-feeding.
  12. Putting the perches from the wire to the wall, a few up the far end and some back towards the door would help, having the one branch in there doesn't really give them much room to fly from perch to perch if you are looking into getting more budgies.
  13. have you thought about yf blue's, or cinnamon's? Cinnamon blue have a very attractive soft colour, especially the violets. I would still reccomend normals, that is one of the things I am struggling with most, I regret not getting normals to get splits from.
  14. Here is a spangle opaline sky blue (split violet) and his half-sister, a sky-violet spangle
  15. I myself am a Christian, but i won't be doing bible study with my birds, taking them to church with them or teaching them hymns. They won't be doing communion, having wedding cermonies or getting baptised. The same way I wouldn't expect Jewish budgies to wear a Yamaka or get circumcised. Ludicrous idea is a ludicrous idea . Probably because as a Christian, which I myself am, we don't have any form of spiritual living as such as the way of showing it physically (if that makes sense). Alot of Feng Shui is about the energy in the house, inviting positive energy in, and negative energy out. Things like no doorways in alignment, no walls in front of doors. What may seem like a ludicrous idea to you, could be someone else's way of life, in the same way Christianity may seem like a ludicrous idea to some. I know Sage is used alot to 'burn' the negative energy, and invite the positive into the house. It's not a religion as such, is was developed by the Chinese as a form of good luck. I am not sure if you now much about Chinese arts or medicine's, but acupuncture uses the same concept, as do the majority of martial arts. Some religious people believe it is the work of sorcery, other's relate it to meditation (Hinduism?) or just being 'spiritual'.
  16. Some people could take offense to the above comments... Feng shui is actually very popular in the US and Australia, and comments like those above could be very offensive,t he same if someone criticized religion/ god in front of a christian for example.
  17. So sorry about this thread, I am finally picking up the birds at our club meeting on Tuesday. I think I got a df clearwing, and a single factor.... I didn't know you could get DF in clearwings? Or maybe she meant with the yellowface....and they are opaline. So I will post back here what I got. I kept a violet sky opaline clearbody hen, as I want to try and breed a YF violet clearbody. I will be pairing up all the pet-types on Wednesdsay/Thursday next week
  18. Not quite sure on what it is, I will try and find out for you
  19. My guess is the cannon doesn't have a bottom, you put the bird in the cannon, while holding the end of the cannon. When the cannon is fired, you take the bird, walk over to the net, and do as Finnie said already.
  20. Well, I have begun to kick off the breeding season! The birds were graced with the first green they have had in the past 2 months, and it was a very good day at that I cut up branches and leaves, as well as capsicum, carrot, and sprouted seed. here are some happy snaps of the birds, and a video Some of them are still getting through through brute of the moult... A pair I have, the cock is split clearbody, not the best picture. Hen I am entering in our breeder's show in 2 weeks time
  21. From personal experience, I can say it really does change it! I was getting 1 or 2 chicks a nest (5 nests) and one clear in my first round, in the second I trimmed the vents of the cocks birds, and some of the buffer hens, and I got 4 chicks a nest (4 nests) and two fosters nests of 3 and 5. Also, in regards to the missing hen, check she hasn't slipped through into the cock flight (I'm not sure on your aviary set-up) but I found I had a pet-type slip into my show flock. Also, check the ground, sometimes bodies can be hidden under seed husks, or the bird died and was eaten (you'll find a skull)
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