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  1. I breed a few babies for pets. I handle my birds every day in the nest so they will make great pets.I keep them inside once they are eating seed and handle them everyday.They step up on my finger already and dont bite.I always wanted a pet budgie that didn't bite me and was easily handled.Not having much luck I decided to breed my own one.Then I realised there were people who felt the same.I only sell the ones I would like to keep myself as a pet and now have repeat or recommended buyers. I have recently been asked to sell baby budgies and cockatiels so they can hand raise them. I suspect the person is going to resell them. I didn't think it was legal to sell unweaned birds.
  2. Sadly. He didn't make it but I would still like to know.
  3. Hi. I don't like to take budgies away from their parents unless the have stopped feeding them. I prefer to handle them each day in the nest. I cant really tell if there is any difference in their personalities. I do find that some birds are more friendly than others. I would leave them with their parents and let them decide which one wants to be with you when they fledge.
  4. I have been hand-raising a baby. He has been doing really well eating and is nearly fully feathered. Poops looked good. I fed him about ten yesterday morning and in the afternoon my wife found him lying in the bottom of the cage. He had blood in his left eye and 1 leg tucked up. His head is twisted around and I couldn't get him to eat. During the night I kept him in a grocery cooler bag with a hot water bottle and some towels. I didn't expect him to last through the night. This morning he is not much different but he flaps vigorously and chirps a little. Are strokes common and is this likely. Cheers Phil.
  5. They look awesome. What holds the nestboxes? And can you get them out easily?
  6. Hi there all. I am looking for a breeder on the central coast with any Lutinos. No need to be young birds. Cheers Phil.
  7. I currently have the chics in the nestbox in a small cage with mum but she doesn't show any interest in feeding them.
  8. Other people will definitely find old posts useful. That is what makes forums like this so valuable. I have found that putting a towel over the cage so the budgie cant see you helps. They will sit on your hand relatively easily with just your hand visible. You can work on the rest in time.
  9. I read that you cock died. I am in the same situation. My hen laid 7 eggs 2 hatched within a few days. one 3 days later. I left the eggs there and after a few days 1 hatched but died. The same happened on the next two days.. Am I right to assume that the two bigger chicks were getting all the cocks attention re feeding. I had 3 chicks but the younger one was not doing so well. I removed the larger two and hand fed them. They are just starting to feather up so the parents could feed the other one in the morning and then put them back in the box.. Yesterday I came home to a dead chick and the cock was dead. I can only assume that he was feeding the hen and chicks and not himself. I have now taken the two remaining chicks and am hand rearing them. I dont know what else to do. .
  10. I havn't posted for a long while. I had heart surgery in Feb to replace an Aortic valve.. I had birds on eggs when I went to hospital and they had hatched when I came home 4 weeks later. One cock had stopped feeding the young birds and I lost the whole 4 babies. Probably too young to hand feed. They just didn't get the feeding idea and I couldn't get their crops any thing near full. They went back on the nest and I whipped the eggs under a pair who were proven parents. Not ideal I know but I was desperate.
  11. Then why do some pet shops in OZ advertise some as English budgies and charge more for them..
  12. Hi Phil, I have only seen one Post from you on that site and I believe that Mark replied to your Question. " The Meetings are on every second Tuesday of the month", Which is next Tuesday. . Thanks Mat I saw that. I felt there wee some other posts. I have to go to Newcastle next week. Maybe the next one. .
  13. Hi Guys. Do budgies get heat stroke. My guys were sitting with their wings out today in the 40+C temps and blast furnace wind today. I brought the ones outside into the air con. 28 was much better. .
  14. I get the feeling that Osman is yanking your collective chains. His profile says he has 25 budgies. .Can I have a pretty french maid too. Just one day a week would be dandy. Bad Humphrey . Smack. .
  15. Hi Phil. I see Georgie is looking for breeding cages. You say you are 2 and a half hours but in what direction. I live on the Central coast too. But travel around a bit. Maybe we can organise to pick them up. . Hi Mat. I see you have a link to Central Coast club on your post. I have posted on there a few times and gave up waiting for a response. When is the next club meeting? .Cheers Phil.
  16. Thanks Dave and KAZ. Dad and the chics are now in the nursery cage in a shoe box with paper and seed on the floor. Dad is feeding them and they are starting to feed themselves with the egg and biscuit mix. I can't get over that all six chics are different colours. I will post some pics. .
  17. How old are they? I have one of last years hatchlings bonding with her dad it seems. There is no nest box for them and nothing has come of it.
  18. i agree with all the above :} Hi Guys this is interesting. I have a baby out of the nest today. 1 of 6. Mum was attacking it so I have removed the chick at present. It is in a separate cage in a box with seed and water and I have fed it some egg and biscuit mix and will it monitor it tomorrow. It seems that it maybe time to remove mum from the cage. .
  19. I have some tiels but have resisted putting them in the same aviary. You don't have any problems with conflict. .
  20. Humphrey

    Shed Aviary

    Looks like a good one too. I will leave it for you. .
  21. Sorry that she passed on. Feel proud that you tried. Most people would have left her. Perhaps there was a reason she was thrown out of the nest. Cheers.
  22. Looks like a baby to me. Hand rearing formula on a Sate stick. I have had a few baby lorikeets and a rosella which have been thrown out of nests. Warmth and good tucker will fix most ailments. Which brings me to another ?. Can Grassies be successfully kept in an aviary with Budgies? .
  23. Hi Mat I have visited your site a few times but failed to get much of a response although it is very good. I live in Gosford and have been travelling to Newcastle looking after my grandson Tuesday and Wed most weeks and havn't been able to get to your meetings. I should be able to make the next one. Hope to meet you all. As a relative newcomer to the hobby I find the definition of a good bird a little hard to fathom. I know what I like and that is pretty and tame. A nice pet is what I am striving for at this stage. I gave one of last years babies to my in laws and he is most appreciated. That gave me a real buzz. I guess different folks get different kicks out of their birds, I am an aero modeller and scout leader at Point Clare. I certainly can understand the difficulty with the current generation and the instant gratification it demands. .
  24. I had a similar thing happen whenthe mum was killed. Learnt my lesson about two hens. Dad took over feeding but I had 4 babies and the youngest was 3 weeks. I was feeding them them every hour with a bamboo sate stick. I dipped the stick in the feed mix and they soon got the idea. I kept offering it to them until they stopped eating. Hahahaha Full as googs they were. They are lovely birds now. I gave No 3 to my inlaws. Dad with 1&2. Number 4
  25. I had a hen killed in the aviary and hand reared the chicks from 3 weeks. They are in the cage with the father and are 9 months old now. They still come quite easily to my hand and seem to like being on me. Dad was an aviary bird and was fairly young when I got him. He sometimes comes to my hand now. Ps It i s realvlvyc dif ficult with a lorikeet bashing at the keyvb oard. ,,,,,,jj j j jjjjj That was rain bow.,
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