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    Hi Binna, If you are still wanting some birds, I am happy to part with some of mine. I haven't been online for some time, due to illness & a death in the family. My birds are all pieds, violets & blues. I am happy to gift a few to you, to help you along if you are still wanting some (they are all from the same clutch). Let me know. - Robyn

  2. RJT

    Hi Binna, I live in Essendon, and currently have 13 birds, 11 in aviary, 1 in a retirement cage, and a pet one inside.


  3. Good luck Sarah, you obviously care a lot to go to so much trouble, your birds are sure lucky to have you. All good thoughts going your way from Melbourne for healthy recovery for all! Robyn
  4. RJT


    Congratulations on your new addition Vicky, he/she is gorgeous. I second Nerwen re the millet. I have pet budgie who rules the house, his name is Bob, and I use the millet as a treat, and specially when I was training him. Now all I have to do is shake the container, and wherever he is in the house, he comes flying in. We call it 'birdie chocolate'!! You sound like a very dedicated 'mum'! Robyn
  5. Hi Binna, out of curiosity, are you wanting show or pet type birds? - Robyn
  6. RJT

    Dear Angel

    Very sorry to hear about Angel & Buddy, but they will be together forever now, and I am sure your new baby will creep into your hearts with time. Robyn
  7. Another great photo...well done! Forget Hollywood & Bollywood.....we have Budgiewood, and Dalek is the leading male!
  8. I boil the egg, then zap the shell in the microwave for a minute, let it cool, then grind the shell up in a mortar & pestle, mix it into the mashed egg, then put about a teaspoon in with Bob's vegies. He isn't overly keen on it, but does eat some of it. The birds in the aviary eat anything, so I give the rest to them. Bob's a fussy bugger!
  9. That third photom where he is standing on the seed bowl, looking at the Red Dalek, I think is the best! To me it looks like he (if he had hands), is standing there with his hands on hips, and a lot of attitude, even his beak is open as if he is yelling. It looks like he is standing up to the Red Dalek in a face off! Robyn
  10. For me cheeky, it was out and out bribery and a lot of patience. Bob is a piggy for millet, and he only gets a very small amount each day, but that particular day, he got about a weeks worth. He kept grabbing the piece of millet and flying off! It became almost like a game. This was another effort, this was going to become a Christmas card. I look forward to seeing your other pics of Dalek...sure sounds like you have loads of patience too!
  11. What fantastic pics, I loved them, and I sure know how patient you need to be. I tried to get Bob to sit on a motorcycle for a picture to make a card for a friend, but gosh, I think he was more into manipulating me and my patience to see how much millet he could extract from me. I finally got a decent picture, but alas, had to leave the millet on the handlebars! Here was my effort! Robyn
  12. RJT

    Introducing Me!

    Hi Ali, What an attractive young woman you are. Looks like you have your 'own' feathers there - do you moult also? Robyn
  13. RJT

    New Member

    Hi Joey & welcome. I had no experience with budgies when I started, but the information on this forum has been invaluable, and the members I have found have been very patient in their suggestions and ideas in assisting me with any queries I have had. Good luck with your new endeavours! Post pics! Robyn
  14. RJT

    New Mousetrap

    My Dad had mice down the beach house, so after I purchased one of these after reading it on the forums, took it to his house, and after a lot of ribbing, and no way, 'you just wasted your money", I put it down in the kitchen along the cupboards near the fridge, where the mouse had been spotted. My brother insisted on putting the old fashioned traps down (3 of them in and around the fridge), so I said, okay we will see who wins this one! (We are very competitive!) First thing in the morning, I got up, checked... and I WON! I promptly went out to wake my brother and inform him he is a big LOSER! He could not believe it. There being no food, nothing to entice the mouse into the contraption, but it worked an absolute treat! I lorded that over him for the rest of the day! (I might add we are both in our mid 50's - sibling rivalry well and truly alive still in our family!!) I am a convert, this trap is fantastic, and I didn't have to deal with a corpse! Robyn
  15. RJT

    Hello Everyone.

    Hi Dario, Welcome to the Forums, you will find lots of invaluable information on here. Hope you get your budgie/s soon! Robyn
  16. RJT

    I'm So Sorry Polly

    They are such tiny things, but hold such a huge chunk of your heart, I am so sorry for your loss. Robyn
  17. I know nothing about mutations, but I do see, that Chuckie is gorgeous! Robyn
  18. RJT

    Tammy Flew Away

    Aww, I am so sorry to hear that Hourman, I feel for you. Robyn
  19. Thank you for that. I think I'll just go with the sand without the plastic then, especially down the end of the aviary where the problem appears to happen until I can get it sorted, and just replace the sand every couple of days. I've been putting newspaper down, but it smells bad. Fingers crossed the weather won't get that bad that it becomes a problem. Will do the Coccivet thing to. I can only imagine how loud they must have been....too funny.
  20. Hi Kaz, Just wondering with the sand you now have on the aviary floor, when cleaning, do you scoop it up and sift out the poop, seeds etc, or just replace the sand? Reason being is I have some issues with water at one end of my aviary (small one), and I think what you have done would be a good solution - heavy duty plastic down, then sand until I can get some proper guttering installed. And wow, 200 or so budgies all that way in the car, sure would have been loud, I took a few away with me for Christmas and it was deafening. I bet you got some interesting looks with your 'cargo'! thanks Robyn
  21. Thank you so much Maesie, with all the experience you lot have, I now feel more confident. The chicks are used to being out of the nest, I handle them all, and take them out for a 5-10 minute turn each twice a day, as I have a couple of friends who want them to be used to people & a bit friendlier, so fingers crossed they will travel & settle fine. I hope you all have a very happy & safe holiday season & New Year, and thank you for all your excellent advice over the past 12 months! Robyn
  22. Hi, thanks so much for your responses, the nest box is attached to the cage, and I will do as you suggest, nice & slow & cover them up. Thanks Robyn
  23. Hi, me again, needing more advice - sorry! I will be heading down the coast (1.5hrs away) next week for Christmas with family for 10 days. I currently have 8 chicks in a nest box, which are thriving and going really well, and have great parents, this is their second round. My query is, I really want to take them with me, as I don't feel right asking my friend who usually looks after my birds, to do all the extra work for this lot, do you think if I put the entire cage with the parents, chicks & attached nest box in the car, they would be okay? The eldest chick will be 29 days old and the youngest 15 days old, by the time I leave. Robyn
  24. Very sad to hear, she was gorgeous, and touched a lot of peoples lives on here. RIP Dusty, and condolences Kaz. Robyn
  25. Thanks heaps Kaz, I will relay the response! Robyn
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