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  1. binna

    hi there can u add me on facebook please dwb5@bigpond.com so we can work something out



  2. binna

    hi there can u add me on facebook please dwb5@bigpond.com so we can work something out



  3. RJT

    Hi Binna, If you are still wanting some birds, I am happy to part with some of mine. I haven't been online for some time, due to illness & a death in the family. My birds are all pieds, violets & blues. I am happy to gift a few to you, to help you along if you are still wanting some (they are all from the same clutch). Let me know. - Robyn

  4. RJT

    Hi Binna, I live in Essendon, and currently have 13 birds, 11 in aviary, 1 in a retirement cage, and a pet one inside.


  5. binna

    hi there where are you from please im from western suburbs vic

  6. Good luck Sarah, you obviously care a lot to go to so much trouble, your birds are sure lucky to have you. All good thoughts going your way from Melbourne for healthy recovery for all! Robyn
  7. RJT


    Congratulations on your new addition Vicky, he/she is gorgeous. I second Nerwen re the millet. I have pet budgie who rules the house, his name is Bob, and I use the millet as a treat, and specially when I was training him. Now all I have to do is shake the container, and wherever he is in the house, he comes flying in. We call it 'birdie chocolate'!! You sound like a very dedicated 'mum'! Robyn
  8. Hi Binna, out of curiosity, are you wanting show or pet type birds? - Robyn
  9. RJT

    Dear Angel

    Very sorry to hear about Angel & Buddy, but they will be together forever now, and I am sure your new baby will creep into your hearts with time. Robyn
  10. Another great photo...well done! Forget Hollywood & Bollywood.....we have Budgiewood, and Dalek is the leading male!
  11. I boil the egg, then zap the shell in the microwave for a minute, let it cool, then grind the shell up in a mortar & pestle, mix it into the mashed egg, then put about a teaspoon in with Bob's vegies. He isn't overly keen on it, but does eat some of it. The birds in the aviary eat anything, so I give the rest to them. Bob's a fussy bugger!
  12. That third photom where he is standing on the seed bowl, looking at the Red Dalek, I think is the best! To me it looks like he (if he had hands), is standing there with his hands on hips, and a lot of attitude, even his beak is open as if he is yelling. It looks like he is standing up to the Red Dalek in a face off! Robyn
  13. For me cheeky, it was out and out bribery and a lot of patience. Bob is a piggy for millet, and he only gets a very small amount each day, but that particular day, he got about a weeks worth. He kept grabbing the piece of millet and flying off! It became almost like a game. This was another effort, this was going to become a Christmas card. I look forward to seeing your other pics of Dalek...sure sounds like you have loads of patience too!
  14. What fantastic pics, I loved them, and I sure know how patient you need to be. I tried to get Bob to sit on a motorcycle for a picture to make a card for a friend, but gosh, I think he was more into manipulating me and my patience to see how much millet he could extract from me. I finally got a decent picture, but alas, had to leave the millet on the handlebars! Here was my effort! Robyn
  15. Hi Ali, What an attractive young woman you are. Looks like you have your 'own' feathers there - do you moult also? Robyn
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