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  1. That's what I thought as well GB, I strained the hand rearing mix till it was just about water and it still blocked up. But it's all good.... I got a bigger gauge and all is okay now.
  2. Kaz.... Iv'e only got an 18 gauge...is ther eanything I can use to tie him over till I get a 14 or 16???
  3. HI all... It's been a while since I posted I hope everyone is okay..... I have learned how to crop feed medication, I am needing to crop feed a 3 weeks old, but the food keeps clogging up the needle, I have only done medication before so I haven't had this problem.. Please help???
  4. Further inspection today...those big white feather pins seem to be sticking in his side causing irritaion........ What can I do about that?
  5. HI Elly, He is getting to the end of his moult.....I don't think he has hurt it by crash landing as he has never really tried to fly, I think it's from him biting at it, he is constantly pulling and picking at it.......
  6. Hi Guys, This is "Orphie", I posted about him ages ago and my sister has had him for quite a while... I have always clipped his wings, but in the last few weeks on and off he has been picking at his left wing and making it slightly bleed.. I pulled out 2 feather pins a week or so ago and all seemed okay, now today he is really biting and pulling on the feathers and making the wing bleed. What can I do? He is in excellent health apart from this left wing....
  7. Sorry Dave..... A very sad day for you ...... RIP little budgies.....
  8. I checked my avairy this morning (5.30am) and found one of my old hens on the aviary floor breathing rapidly with what seemed to be a tumur that had burst in the vent area, she was in a very bad way..... When I first read this post I thought I could never do it, that I would always take my birds that need euthanasia to the Vet as I have always done..... but when I saw my old girl and the Vet was hours away from opening I knew what I had to do. I wrapped my girl in a facewasher with her head out and I did it your way Kaz, it was very peacful and quick, I was worried that she would struggle
  9. She could have one other clutch straight after but no more.....but if you don't want her to .....just take the box out now and dispose of the egg, making sure there are no other "places" in the avairy she could use as a 'box"...
  10. Hi Birdluv, That must have been quite scary for you.... I hope you continue to regain your health, take it easy and sending you hugs...
  11. Thanks Kaz...... can he go back in the avairy or is this condition contagious?? Other than the beak growing he seems very healthy.....
  12. Just an update on this.......The little bushie is going well except I had to trim the beak again today......is this something that I'll have to keep doing?
  13. Agree with Dean 120%......................From my short experience.....you can tell from very early which chicks will be easy to tame........ depends on each birds own personality.....
  14. I think Dusty is beautiful, I just want to cuddle him/her.....such a damn shame they don't live long.
  15. Not sure what state you are in Ratzy, I'm in Queensland, so I won't start again now til March - April as it's way too hot......
  16. We have been having bad storms here in Queensland the last few weeks, one of them hit in the afternoon and the wind was very bad......water got in the avairy slightly and most birds were okay, a bit shocked and flighty but okay. I put Cocci treatment in the water for a while after and kept a close eye on them, there were 4 that looked a bit "off", so I removed them from the avairy and watched them in a seperate cage for a week or so, they all seem fine now except for one... I have removed this boy three days ago and put him in a cage on his own with a heat lamp, I crop fed some sulphaD wh
  17. anne101

    New Bubs

    Beautiful babies Robyn .....
  18. What will you do Kaz???? I probably shouldn't say this............ but he is a sweetheart..... Is it just the photo, or a problem with his feet as well??
  19. Thanks for your input Kaz and Jimmy......I will keep a close eye on him for sure.
  20. Thank you Kaz.....it means a lot coming from someone with your experience.... Why would he get this though?? Those who remember my posts know that I have bought birds with scaley face, but I have ALWAYS quarantined properly, for 3 months with at least 10 feet apart, always cleaning quarantine birds last etc........ Have I caused this ??????????
  21. I noticed this afternoon on of my bush budgies had lost his tail...........on further inspection he has a VERY long beak and I am thinking feather loss around the eyes. He has no poopy bum and is VERY active, but in saying that a bit thin......probably due to the beak ???? I have decided to trim the beak (never done this though), and dose with ivomec and isolation, and watch closely to ensure he is eating over the next few days. What may cause this?? Should I be concerned with the flock?? Beak after a trim......man was he flighty a
  22. That suks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How they can have the poor thing for sale.................. anything for a dollar....................... .......................if you bought it Jimmy it wouldn't be bored anymore!!!!!!!!!