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  1. Anyone on here from the Wynnum club..Spotted a familiar name on their website, would like to get in touch with the person again.. If you are from there could you please send me a PM for details..
  2. No problems. I know it is a genuine concern and comment on appearance coming from someone who calls themselves "FLUFFNUT" - Ya Dave, even worse for me..Im a Tasmanian got 2 heads to worry about..
  3. Nice blog.. Keep it up..... Gotta say to Dave, that when I first looked at his picture the top of his sleeved looked like a cushion he was leaning on and I only saw the black part as his shirt..Had to look twice, thought WOW he has a really big head or very small shoulders..Sorry Dave just had to share this with you
  4. Great work... Nice looking bird also.. Indeed from show stock...
  5. Gratz Chookie on you wins at Geelong..
  6. looks like a really nice product. I get asthma and could really use something like this. Would cost just over $400 dollars to get one sent to Australia. A fair amount of money but only a small amount when your health is at stake. Anybody use or know of any alternative air cleaners. .
  7. Grats on a great effort Pete..You must have some great birds .. Back on topic..Does anyone know how the Henry George auction went. Also I heard that your own Auction went well P.T.
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