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  1. I had something similar to this happen to a rainbow lorikeet I had, it started in the feet and worked its way up until I eventually had a head on a stick. Just when I was about to put him out of his misery he started to show dramatic and rapid improvement. He lives at my partners parents place now and is fine aprt from the fact that his feet curl inwards slightly. My Lori had Clenched Claw Syndrome..... common in Lorikeets from the Sydney area. I haven't heard of it happening to other birds though. Good luck with your boy.
  2. Not necessarily, it could still be a Normal split for Recessesive Pied hen.
  3. Grey Greens are are kind of split blue series (grey) by default. I find that most of my grey green to blue matings produce grey young. Cobalt Cock / Albino X Cinnamon Rec.Pied Grey-Green Hen Colours could be Grey, Grey Green or Blue (but more likely one of the 1st two) I'm assuming the cock is normal and not opaline or split opaline or split cinnamon. Mutations could be: If it's a hen Albino split for Recessive Pied or Normal split for Recessesive Pied. & if it's a cock Normal Split for Cinnamon and Recessive Pied. I'm pretty sure thats right....... it could also carry dark factor considering the cock is cobalt (single dark factor) but dark factor can be had to judge in grey greens and greys so just something to keep in mind I suppose :what:
  4. As long as she doesn't start screeching and melting the bars Very pretty girl.
  5. I brought some Quinoa for myself to try the other day at Woolworths, they had black, red and white Quinoa.
  6. Prices were definately good, better than some pet shops I've been to. I'm very greatful to the breeder who was a really nice guy. Grey Normal Hen 10 (plucked in the nest, thinking she might make a good mate for my Albino Cock) Grey Cinnamon Cock (Brother of the above, also plucked in the nest and picked at by one of my other purchases) Grey Green Normal Hen 10 (Hanington bred, wasn't easy to get a picture of this girl)
  7. One of the 'Open' breeders from my branch decided to leave the hobby and sell all his birds. I went there today and picked up a few that caught my eye. He was very nice and helpful and actually gifted me three birds, sad to see people leave the hobby but he wanted more time to travel without haveing to worry about the birds. Sky Blue Normal Cock 09 (I saw this guys brother as well and he was fantastic but sold) Grey Spangle Cock 08 (gifted) Grey Green Spangle Cock 09 Grey Opaline Hen late 09 (but has a blue ring as the breeder ran out of reds) Grey Green Cinnamon Opaline Hen 09 (gifted) As above (also gifted) Grey Green Opaline Hen 09 Grey Spangle cock 10 Light Green Normal Hen 10 (sister to the grey spangle cock above) Double Factor Spangle Hen 10 (sister to the two above birds) more to come... reached picture limit Let me know what you think???
  8. Well it's been around 7hrs now since I found the chick near death and it's still alive but has been relocated along with his whole family to my loungeroom. I figured it's better to keep him with mum as long as possible. I'll probably be taking it up to Sydney with me for the week though when I leave for work (if he's still alive) as although my partners prepared to feed them for me burping is a bit much. Although it seems in reasonable condition it has seemed to have lost motor function of it's right leg...
  9. From what I found an rupured air sac takes 2 weeks to heal/repair itself and until then you need to aleviate the pressure (release the air) as required. This can be done either by gentle pressure applied by the thumbs (kind of like a forced burp) or by making a small hole in the skin with a needle (scissors were also mentioned but I don't think any scissors I have would be suitable).
  10. Do chicks ever recover from a ruptured air sac? I fed him the sunflower mixture and he ate vigerously and is now back in the nest box with mum, the crop seems to have stabelised.... I'll be checking up on him in a bit.
  11. When I went to check on my birds this morning I found a foster chick (been fostered for a few weeks now from a lutino pair) laying on it's back in the nest box very cold legs outstretched and hardly moving with a crop full of air, at first I thought it was dead but when I touched it it moved slightly. I quickly brought it inside and held it in my hands to warm it, it started to move a bit after awhile and then to cheap a little, as it got warmer it started to move more and more and then it wriggled and pooped and at the same time all the air in it's crop went out. I made some warm sugar water and gave it some and it seems to be moving okay now as well as opening it's eyes however it's crop seems to keep on becoming inflated. I was planning on hulling some sunflower seeds and grounding them up to make a mixture to try and give it a feed but what can I do to stop it's crop inflating??? It's inflated and deflated a few times now it cycles very quickly within a few minutes..... Pics Just after the 2nd crop deflation (this time not linked with bowel movement) A few seconds later crop starting to inflate again and again Resting now in a seemingly stable condition, seems very red..... A picture of it's 2nd bowel movement..... if it helps.... Other chick in nest 100% no issues.....
  12. That doesn't sound too bad, most birds should be at least in reach...... I suppose like with any auction you never know what prices are going to be like, it all depends on who goes to and how much they're prepared to spend. I'm hoping I'll be able to sell my Black Headed Python before the auction which should boost my $$$.
  13. I'm definately going to go, just for a look at the birds and to see how an auction works at least. It's very close to where I stay when I'm in Sydney so it's pretty easy for me to get there. I was hoping to be able to get birds for under $200 a piece but I don't mind shifting my budget around and spending more on one and less on another or sacrificing a few potential purchases in order to win another. The cheaper I can get a bird the better and if some birds that I wasn't thinking about don't get a lot of interest I might put my hand up for a bargin, not sure how many of those there'll be though. If all goes well I'll walk away with a decent base from which to work on and establish my own line from..... fingers crossed.
  14. It did say no reserve, fingers crossed there might be a few that just don't get too much interest.
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