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  1. I don't know much about breeding but i still found it damn funny! And well done- it even sounds like he says "garbage" when the subtitles do!
  2. How very sad for you, so sorry, he sounded like a gorgeous little guy! It's amazing what big personalities these tiny critters have.
  3. naomi


    Cute budgies! You'll find lots of great info & advice here, welcome!
  4. Great to hear how well things are going with Bogie (other than the cranky moulting stuff!) He sounds SO like my Peanut when it comes to bells...
  5. I'm pretty sure it isn't broken, he can walk on it (but he sort of limps- actually looks extremely cute! ) - i guess i'll just watch him over the next few days to see whether it gets better or worse!
  6. Yesterday Peanut was accidentally hit in the foot by a plastic toy (a kid's toy, not a budgie toy) & since then his foot has been a bit swollen & purplish. There's no blood or broken skin, I guess it's just bruised, but i was wondering whether there is anything i should be doing to help him? He seems happy enough- flying around, chirping, playing with his toys as much as usual, but it's obvious he doesn't want to put weight on the foot. He CAN walk on it, but whenever he perches he's tucking it up into his feathers. I tried to get photos but every time i get near him he tucks his foot away
  7. u guys crack me up!!! :rip:
  8. Thanks, I'll stop waiting for them now!!
  9. Peanut is around a year old now, but he still has no throat spots! Do all budgies get throat spots? On one side he has a tiny little black stripe, but that's all folks!!
  10. naomi

    Hi Again

    He's gorgeous! I'd love to see any video of him too!
  11. What a cute boy, he looks a lot like my Peanut when he was little!
  12. I once had a pet female budgie (just her, on her own), she suddenly decided to lay an egg when she was around 10 years old! Unfortunately it got 'stuck' & i had to take her to the vet to get it out. She never had another egg after that (but she only lived about another year!) Not sure what made her produce the egg, she did have an old oven glove that she had 'claimed' as her own some years earlier, which she liked to 'nest' in - but she had it for years before she produced the egg! Maybe it was because she was very bonded to me & i had recently had a baby?
  13. not sure but he/she is SO pretty! :rofl:
  14. :rofl: Funny picture, i voted for it!!
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