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  1. I am still training Zeke and we are getting there slowly but surely. He now will step up onto my finger but only from 1 perch and only if I have millet . I read a tip on taming budgies about taking him everywhere with you so as Zekes cage is on wheels where I go in the house he goes. I wheel him into the kitchen when I am cleaning, next to the computer when I am on here and he even sits and watches tv with me , but all this time I am talking away to him like and idiot. I am always explaining to him what I am doing or what we are watching on tv etc lol. I was informed by my dear husband today that as we live in the warm climate all our windows are always open and the houses next door are fairly close that they can hear everything I am saying. I reckon they think I have suddenly gone mad :laughter: And as for Zeke sometimes he comes to the side of the cage for a stroke and sometimes he pretends to be asleep and it looks like he is trying to say to me for god sake Mum shut up and give me some peace :rofl:
  2. So is he called a yellow faced grey and also any doubts on his sex???
  3. Oh wow it worked. Finally there is my little angel standing on my finger eating his millet. Training going well
  4. Hi all still here lurking and reading heaps of good advice. Zeke went to the vet today, after much thought I decided to get his wings clipped as we are from Tassie and now living in Queensland and getting used to the heat is hard so we have alot of fans going all the time and thought it would therefore be safer for Zeke. All went well but now my little darling wont speak to me lol. Every time I approach the cage he sticks his head in the air and shuts his eyes as if he is saying bugger you after what I went through today I am not speaking :sad: . Even millet wont do the trick. I am off to work now for a few hours so hope he will be talking to me by the time I get back lol. Still trying to get a good picture of him to post. Hopefully soon
  5. Hi there I am very interested in this topic as I am from Tassie and had a great vet for all my babies but have just booked Zeke into the vet at Bracken Ridge to have his wings clipped and beak checked as I feel its to long. I have never ever in my whole life had a budgies wings clipped as living in Tassie all our homes were small and on one level but the house we rent here is huge and on two levels with lots of fans going all the time. (we still are not used to the heat after two years). Zeke is going well in his training but am worried that when I let him out for the first time he may just fly into a fan or open door etc. I am feeling sooooooooooo stressed about it. Does it hurt him????
  6. Damm budgies. On taking Zeke camping he had a ball playing in his water dish so on our return decided to give him a little dish for a bath and he looked at me as if I was weird. "I am not getting into that mum" and wouldnt go near it all day. On the camping issue dont think Zeke enjoyed it much lol. First off he had a smaller cage and didnt like that we also had him outside in the annexe the first day and a magpie landed on top of my poor baby and scared the life out of him (and me) so the rest of the trip he spent inside the caravan refusing my hand and even his millet. Think he was punishing me for taking him lol. Back home now and back in his palace and slowly training again stood on my finger and ate his millet yesterday which is a good sign. Working on the pics of him too just need to sign up for photobucket
  7. zekes mum

    Hi Everybody

    Hi Ian how many budgies do you have and are they male or female? I am new here too but finding it very addictive
  8. zekes mum

    New Here

    Hi all I have posted before about taking my new budgie camping but thought I would post here too and let you all know how Zekes's going. I have had budgies most of my life and had the most beautiful budgie name George for 9 years until he sadly passed. I have also bred and raised alot over the years. Just recently having moved from Tassie to Qld and being abit lonely I missed having a budgie as a friend so have last Friday brought Zeke. He is a yellow faced grey and just lovely. And after reading the training tips on this forum I am having great successful with taming him. He is eating bits of millet out of my fingers and tonight let me stroke him. This forum is wonderful and so informative even to an old hand like me. We are going camping for Easter on Thursday and Zeke is coming with us hope he will be okay. I will post a picture as soon as I learn how lol. Anyway BUDGIES ROCK
  9. What a great idea covering him up. Have had about 4 training sessions with Zeke today 10 mins at at time and laughing about the way anyone who could hhear me talking to him may have thought I had gone totally mad lol
  10. Thanks soo much am finding these forums so informative even though I have had budgies for a long time am learning lots of new stuff
  11. Thanks so much you two, looks like Zeke is coming camping Was just readind the Cara and Molly thread how lovely is that???? She seems to be giving Molly Zuchinni and I have never heard of that? How do I do that just chop it up small skin and all?? Have a couple in the fridge and about to try Zeke on some corn so though I might add that too?
  12. Hi all this is my first and I hope one of many posts to you guys. Have adored looking at all your pics etc. I just love budgies and have at various times bred them. I have had one of the most loyal and gorgeous budgies in the whole world whose name was George and where we went he went. Sadly after 9 years George passed away, and I have only some time later decided to get another and on Friday purchased Zeke. He is a yellow faced grey and just beautiful. So far training and bonding are going as well as can be expected in these early days, but here is my question. We are going camping in our caravan over Easter and just wondering if you thought I should take Zeke with us. George went camping with us all the time and I would like to think that Zeke can too, but am worried that at this early stage it may be abit much for him. He will need to move to what I call his holiday home lol a smaller cage and the car trip is about 1 hour. I am concerned that if I leave him here in these early stages the bonding may go backward. My 19year old son will be here so Zeke will be fed and watered if I leave him here but doubt that my son would talk alot to him??? What are your thoughts
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