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  1. bird lady

    Swine Flu

    I'm sure the people in Mexico would find them very funny!!!!!
  2. How could you shoot such a cute face like that!!
  3. I'm an aromatherapist and olive oil will deffinatly not cause the feathers to fall out! obviously it's something else. You shouldn't be using baby oil because it's petrole based and will just clog and not alow the skin to breath. Try using a more natural base such as plant derived oils (grape seed etc that will absorb but not clog!
  4. Well seen how everyone has had there opinion on this topic I thought that I should keep up with the trend and have my opinion seens how I started this discussion and it got way out of hand!! I own over 40 budgies and have been breeding for a few years now but still class my self as a beginner. I have learnt so much from this forum and managed to save quite a few birds from it. I think that everyone has a right to there own opinon but just remember that there are beginers like myself on this forum that follow the advice and reading some of these messages and getting very confused. Using common sense I would never breed a young bird, not only is it selfish on the breeders behalf but also extremely irresponsible!!! Think of the poor bird before your ego!!!! I think of what's best for my birds before what they are capable of!! A human girl can fall pregnant at age 12 but would we encourage her to????
  5. Fantastic set up you have there, I'm jelous!!
  6. Very crowded or is that just the perch area?
  7. That's amazing, I really diddn't think it would work out but looking at the pictures, who knows. Good luck I hope all goes well. They look so cute together, I can't wait to see how it all progresse. Keep us up to date
  8. Sorry, I agree with the others! Perhaps remove one of the hens for now and let the other hen bring up the chicks, that way you won't be losing any eggs. Put the other hen in a seperate cage for now if she becomes a problem. Just my thought!
  9. By saved do you mean he will stay like that forever I'm going to try anyway, who knows it might still work I'm going to give him a chance because I'm desperate!!! :sad:
  10. Yes I've taken heaps but I'm still learning how to get the photos on to here! I'm not that great with that sort of stuff but am working on it! Will hopefully send some soon, I'm trying to work it out now.
  11. Thanks heaps for that pearce, the chick is about 2 1/2 weeks old now. I know that it sounds silly but I've become really attatched to this little guy and just want him to turn out as normal as possible!
  12. Did your chicks protest when you put it on? He just seems to lay there flat on his stomach and can't really move at all, poor little thing
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