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  1. Thankyou Kaz, im quite worried now. Would you advise first step is off to the vet? She is only 18 minths old so I hope there is nothing too sinister underlying! Can birds recover from this??
  2. Hi All, I would really appreciate your advise regarding my budgie Jimmi. Here cere seems to have changed shape and seems to have grown away from the beak and has curled up slightly. I am very concerned as I am not sure if this is normal. She has not shown any other signs of illness and is a very happy bird in general. I am worried as she is very special to me! If anyone feels there is reason for concern I will take her to the avian vet asap. I have included a couple of photo's and hope they help in your assessment. Kins Regards, SJ
  3. Thanks Kaz, I certainly have been persistent in teaching her to talk so looks like it paid off. Just applied the ointment (to the best of my ability) she wasn't a happy camper but will hopefully help her poor little eyes. Have put her to bed now so she does not stress too much hopefully will start to see an improvement soon Thanks for your help
  4. Great news, I have a little 4g tube of Chlorsig here, will give it a go. She is moulting at the moment so I thought it may have been related to that. Is it common for girls to talk? Will have to train her to say pretty girl instead of pretty boy!!
  5. Thanks for your help. I was getting really worried - I hope it's nothing too serious SJ
  6. Hi Kaz, Ha ha - yes the vet did tell me he thought Jimmi was a girl (although the breeder was convinced he was a little boy) Guess im just having trouble adjusting to calling her a girl. She is a very clever girl - she says "pretty boy"!!!!! LOL
  7. Hi Everyone, Im new to this forum and I am hoping for some advice regarding my little budgie Jimmi. Around the bottom of his eyes have become very red & irritated. I little sack appeared below his eye a couple of weeks ago. I took him straight to an avian vet who diagnosed him with sinusitis and gave me antibiotics for him. The last couple of days his eyes look terrible again. I have tried to take some pics to show you but Jimmi was a bit scared of the camera. He is a happy little fellow and does not seem to be showing an other sign of illness. Any advice is welcome. SJ
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