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  1. Thanks. I've just been reading it. Very helpful.
  2. Excellent, thanks. My hen laid an egg on April 2, but hasn't laid the next one yet, which is very obviously in her large vent. I am getting worried about her. She had a huge poop stuck to her butt earlier, but has now managed to get it off. And although she is sometimes sitting fluffed up on her perch, I just saw her do a loop-the-loop around a perch. Don't know what to think - or do!
  3. I am in need of an avian vet, but live in Yass, NSW. There is only one vet in town. Is there a website lising avian vets and their contact details?
  4. I have only been checking them once a day aside from changing their seed & water. This morning, Lady's vent is looking VERY swollen, and deep red in colour. She had enormous droppings yesterday & the day before and also, today. She laid that last egg on April 2nd. Today is the 7th. She is perhaps just a little fluffed up, but as she is a bit flighty by nature, she always perks up when I approach the cage, so I can't be sure. What to do?
  5. Thanks! I just hope they don't break this one!
  6. So you think she is waiting to feel more secure before laying then....? How can I provide that for her? I have left the cage half covered with a towel yesterday and today, during the daytime. Aside from changing the water & seed this morning, and providing some grass seeds, I haven't been near the cage. Is there something I can do, or a better place for the cage where she might feel more secure?
  7. Yes, she constantly goes in and out of the nest box. More often than not, she is in there, but she always has done that (speaking from 3 weeks experience of owing her, that is), even well before that first egg. She is still well. Still no egg. Makes me wonder just how prematurely the first egg was taken....
  8. ....still no egg. She is not unwell. Her droppings became huge this morning (or was that last night? I'm losing track). I wonder how much longer this is going to take? The suspension is killing me!
  9. Oh, okay. Thanks for that. Still no new egg. Lady has quietened a little bit and is sitting at the entrance to the nesting box.
  10. Still no egg laid. And the pair managed to break the first egg. I peeked in the nest box this morning and found the broken egg. Is there any way to stop the male going into the nest box? Lady lets him in.
  11. You know, I am one of those people referred to in some of the pinned topics of people who should not be breeding budgies, but unfortunately am. I am embarrassed to share this information, as I'm sure many of you will be rolling your eyes and branding me more than just a bit silly but...... We had a pet budgie whom we had since he was about 8 weeks old. We recently moved house (4 hours) and although I took what I believed were due precautions (removing any movable items from the cage and covering the cage with towels while in transit in our car) 'Cheeky Boy' did not travel well, and died 3 days after the move. He was about 3yo. When I started to tell my 4yo daughter that Cheeky Boy had gotten very sick, there were lots of tears and so instead of saying he died, I told her I let him go back to his family to get better and that he would fly to a pet shop once he was feeling better. So a week later, whilst I was at work, my mum took my two girls to a pet shop and told the lady our story. Mum found a bird she thought looked a lot like our Cheeky Boy and pointed him out to the lady, who played along and sold my mum the budgie. So anyway, mum tells me that night, that the new 'Cheeky Boy' had a girlfriend at the pet shop, whom he was kissing. She was hinting that we should purchase her too. So the next day, we went back to the shop and the shop keeper indeed told me that Cheeky Boy II was part of a breeding pair that they had gotten from the man who sells them their baby budgies. Mum, being the soppy sack she is, (and me, giving in) buy the female, and the pet shop lady arms us with a breeding box, nesting material, a budgie book, and more food (with shell grit, some kind of powder made for hand raising? and minerals etc) and sends us away. So not knowing what I'm in for, I get home, add the female to the cage (instant reunion & lots of kissing), read the book cover to cover, add the nesting box and nesting material. Had I known then that a breeding pair wont mate if there's no nesting box, I would not have put it in. So I notice all the signs that the pair are broody - Cheeky Boy II is feeding Lady, Lady is in and out of the nesting box, using the nesting material etc. And then we had the egg incident on Tuesday, and now here we are. I am a familiar bird handler and my husband has had ring necks, sun conures & a galah, so he is quite good with birds, but neither of us has bred one before. I am frantically trying to increase my knowledge without appearing to be a complete idiot who has dived in the deep end. SO! To answer your question, my birds are in a standard square cage about (I'm not going to measure it right now, as I'm trying not to disturb them) 50cm square, with natural branches for perches, and the nesting box is outside the cage, with the opening poking through one of the doors. They live in my dining room - we don't eat in there, it's an open room, open to the lounge room, so the birds can see the family activity, but not be overly disturbed by it. They can see the TV. I cover the cage at night with 2 towels to keep them warm. I'll take a picture tomorrow if I get a chance and will post it for you.
  12. Great to know there's such friendly help at hand. I'm a horse-person myself and frequent the horsey forums and answer all kinds of questions, so now the shoe is on the other foot and I'm the one doing all the asking. okay, well - Lady is still up on the perch, tail twitching (is this a sign of anything?) quite rhythmically, but her body doesn't appear to be doing anything out of the ordinary. There is one large poo on the floor of the cage, but not huge like the other day. Maybe something will happen tomorrow? I hope all goes smoothly, as I wont be home much tomorrow unfortunately.
  13. Thanks. She had huge droppings before the first egg. I'll go and have a look now then and see. Sorry for the frequent questions, and thanks for the frequent answers!
  14. Speaking of good cages, I'd eventually like to get my birds a long cage with some flying room. I've been looking at relocatable aviaries on ebay, but we are renting here for 6-12 months and my husband would kill me if I bought another large item that we will have to move with us. We had to hire 2 x 8 tonne trucks to move here in the first place! And we are not hoarders, we just had a very large house (5 bed, 3 living, 2 dining etc) and lots of furntiure (plus 2 kids and their hundreds of toys!). Anyway - where might I buy a nice large cage that is not TOO large, but better than an average bird cage? And how much are they? Obviously, in these financial times, the cheaper the better (as long as it's safe).
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