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  1. On the 24th of June this year my pet budgie Charlie went missing and i still miss her very much to this day, if you would like to read about that here is the link: http://forums.budgiebreeders.asn.au/index....showtopic=26271 Now time has gone on and months in between, i am starting to think about getting some new budgies. I never could or want to replace Charlie she was my first pet and the best pet ive ever had. But i do love budgies in general. So what i thought is if i got 2 budgies this time, it wouldnt be the same as when i had charlie anyway (not that i didnt enjoy that because i did very much so, i just dont want to replace her). So basically i had a few questions, Do you think its an appropriate time to get them ? Whats the best to get 2 males or 2 females ? What else do i need to take into consideration having 2 instead of 1 ? Thanks a lot in advance. Shaun
  2. Welcome to the forums, you will like it here
  3. Shaun

    Hi All

    Really nice budgie, she seems very sweet and also the photos and the way you describe the events remind me of when i first got my Charlie. Look after her, she's a lovely bird.
  4. Awwww.. I really like this, hehe really cute budgie aswell. Good one. :thankyou:
  5. Simply post the first thing that you noticed/ thought of when you saw the poster above.
  6. Heres my second attempt i hope that its okay to add another go at it. I might do some more if thats okay, and yet again obviously i could change the text for the month if its needed. Another thing i was going to say was i could take the winners picute of that month and edit it like the one i have made here. Just another idea though.
  7. The objective of the game is to create a never ending story, which each member adds 3 words onto it at a time. E.g. Person 1: One day a Person 2: Budgie flew into Person 3: his cage where Person 4: he found some .... E.T.C Hopefully into a never ending story Right just to get the ball rolling heres mine. There was a
  8. Most days, im a pretty bad cook haha. When was the last time you grew something and what was it ?
  9. Im So Very Sorry to hear of your loss. :grbud:
  10. Heres my attempt and obviously i could alter month as needed :grbud:
  11. Shaun


    What Lovely Pictures, its like a sea of birds. I Love it, thanks for Sharing with us. :grbud:
  12. I Have Sent you a PM i think.
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