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  1. Haven't posted here in ages, here's some of my flock This is Bumi, from one of my last clutches I call this one my little man. He is one of the chicks I kept from my most recent clutch Sora and Azula, also from one of my past clutches, they are brother and sister - Inseparable Hope to post more pictures soon
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  3. Hi Frodo! what a cute budgie, love the name
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  5. Welcome to the forum
  6. She is the same color as some of my current chicks! I was really interested in this thread since I can't tell what mine are either.. even though some say they are green I'm not convinced. Guess I'll have to wait till mine moult to know..
  7. All chicks except for chick 2 have blue all the way up to their chest, only their chest is green the rest of them is blue. Chick 5 is an opaline hen and she is the same color as chick 1 and 3, not an olive so I guess that makes mom a light green. Thanks :angel:
  8. Thanks for the reply Is there variations to the "dark green" then? Because chick 4 is a very different shade than chicks 1, 3 and 5. And why is there so much blue in the chicks? they all have blue tail feathers, and blue feathers on their lower belly. They all have a blue sheen to them as well if that makes sense?
  9. Thanks, I really like her she is a special one :happy-dancing:
  10. Thank you KAZ, his tail is blue :happy-dancing:
  11. Any ideas on his color? His parents are a violet greygreen opaline and an albino masking opaline. Is he a dark green or an olive? He has 3 brothers, a skyblue violet, a greygreen and a grey :happy-dancing:
  12. I missed this thread, those ares some cute budgies :happy-dancing:
  13. Last pair, these are the chicks that have me very confused! :party0011: Opinions on mutations please? :happy-dancing: Here are the parents: Cock is a goldenface cobalt dominant pied or clearflight? Must be split for opaline since he was two opaline chicks that I wasn't expecting. The hen is a light green normal or dark green? They had a clutch of five chicks. I included pictures of their tail feathers, I don't know if they are blue series birds or green series? I'm guessing blue since they all started with blue feathers on their legs and lower belly. They all
  14. Thanks everyone for the comments, and thanks to everyone who voted for my little Sosuke, who is not so little anymore -Corina