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  1. His life was short but he was well travelled, complete with 6 star accommodation one might say...
  2. Sounds like fun. After the cull how many birds to you envisage having left? Would you halve your flock annually? If indecision creeps in does "when in doubt, leave it to next year" prevail? Good luck with it all.
  3. Richo

    Budgie Lovers

    Most people are on the net these days so if I find myself away from home for some time, normally with some of my pretty "blokey" mates, I will often check back to the bbc to see what's happening. At this stage I often encounter some good natured "ribbing" eg. "are you on the budgie club again?" Sure enough next comes a mixture of laughs and more ribbing until invariably someone admits to also having a budgie or how much they loved a budgie from their past. Every time! Then the laughs and ribbing stops and the show rolls on. Its an absolute riot I just had to share...[does not bother me, if the lads are getting into me they are leaving some other poor begger alone!]
  4. Richo

    Swine Flu

    What do you get when you cross bird flu with swine flu?...........pigs might fly
  5. Mirrors are certainly a problem.[thanks for reminding me] Eagle did the same thing only a few days ago. He got spooked for no apparent reason and wham...I must have something ready to unfurl over that mirror, or discard it. A tiny inconvenience compared to the priceless show they put on.
  6. Why do you cut his wing? Eagle does this crazy stuff where he flies up and backwards, it is an absolute scream. Always in that mood he will also fly crazily around the room, accelerating wildly then decelerating madly, similar to galahs. Talk about sound coming from his wings! You must experience this stuff... It is your right!!! [let his wing grow]
  7. Sounds unreal! Yell out if ya see some bushies or anything interesting...keep the camera closssse
  8. Ha Ha, all jokes aside, I consider the moderators and staff all national treasures and greatly appreciate everything they do.
  9. It is very cold here at the moment. He needs a bath and I think I will use a friends hair drier to ensure he in no way succumbs to a cold [or worse]
  10. Richo

    Golden Cob

    Thank you all for the wonderful advice, now to digest...
  11. Richo


    Welcome Matteo, look forward to photo's of your flock.
  12. Those are some of the sharpest photo's I have seen...cheers
  13. Richo

    New Birds

    That photo of bubs in blue, just beautiful. Thanks for sharing darl.
  14. the little guy rests... shame you didn't meet the angelic vampire earlier...
  15. Tend to agree with you Paul, however unflattering to our gender. I'm sure there are some excellent male vets out there but some of the qualities we look for in a vet, [caring, nurturing, gentle etc] I'm sure come more naturally to women.
  16. Richo

    Golden Cob

    Cheers for those, I am waiting on a reply from golden cob but am not interested in 25kg, that would last 7 or 8 years! I will try Bird Munchies and see what happens. I like the idea of him having a choice.
  17. We may need better picture's
  18. How dare they tell you that... [no more crop feedings on weekends] after the event rather than give the bird back to someone who loves it [you darling] and is no doubt loved and could have given greater care... vets are idiots.
  19. Hi troops, "eagle" is up for birdseed and i hear "golden cob" is the way to go. Blow me down if i can't find it anywhere! Can anyone help us? I have enough "trill" to last for a choice to be made.[if i can provide "golden cob" soon] Please help if you know a supplier in adelaide.
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