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  1. Those philly birds live in isolation compared to bird places I have seen in the western suburbs here... before anyone gets too excited.
  2. They are also in demand, $1000.00 each I reckon...
  3. These birds remind me of farrah fawcett. Call one Farrah...
  4. Hi Liv, I,m{Eagle] still solo at the minute, for the best I think. Daddy is hopeless. But boy these feathered mummas look hot {there is a female?] Wanna hit me with one???
  5. But seriously, we must all be so vigilant against those hidden pitfalls...
  6. Well at least you are consistent...
  7. Richo

    Way To Go!

    Go you W.A. mummas, go,go,go...
  8. That FD was around 18 months old in that photo..........your will grow longer feathers soon enough. I kind of see them as the bird equivalent of a downs syndrome baby.........there is beauty in all Gods creatures. I, like Liv, would do my best to give them a good life no matter how short it would be. I do find them beautiful. A good life no matter how short...what is considered short...us compared to a tortoise or a budgie compared to a galah...I feel some are missing the point...at the end of the day...
  9. Of course a 16 yo boy would say that Matt...and every other boy on the planet too! Lots of competition there I'd guess!!!!!!! Including my 17 yo son!!!!!! What's hot about miley cyrus besides her bank account? You wouldn't look twice at her on the street.
  10. Tiptoed across their
  11. Richo


    Hi Sarah, i love rainbows having nursed a young one my dog found in a bush after most likely getting hit by a car. He really appreciated my help and was landing on my arm after a couple of days. I successfully released him after five days but during during that time I was to marvel at his amazing colors. How tame do they get?
  12. "Eagle" loves running up and down the piano keyboard. I got him as a baby in december and he now weighs enough to get the key down and the note to sound. Happened tonight for the first time!
  13. Does she have a choice of mates?
  14. Perhaps she is mentally imbalanced...and there is no solution.
  15. A poisoned dog will purge itself by lying at a stream and DRINKING... could there be something relevant???
  16. In all seriousness this is winter, a cold one at that... but hey, I love to be wrong...teach me...
  17. But really, box humidity!!! Where is Dr. Nat when you need her...
  18. Is it possible they are "working up a sweat" a la "before the children come along", wink, wink. Perhaps you will get a MONSTER clutch!
  19. G'day troops, oranges are prime at the moment and I'm not the only one who thinks so. "Eagle" loves them too. Are oranges o.k. for budgies to eat?
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