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  1. The first one is always staring to heaven, is he o.k.? Why do they do that?
  2. She is a beautiful color. More pictures please. And hello...
  3. They absolutely love it when you sing to them. Do you have a favorite song? Sing to them and they will love you for it. And they are totally non judgmental. They are flock birds and love you as an addition.
  4. Looks immaculate Shannon, good work and good luck.
  5. No idea macka, but I enjoy the game of guessing and I find especially helpful nubbly's mini tutorial with pictures. Love to see more of that stuff...I think the question is to explain WHY you think they are hens, this then becomes a useful post to a novice like me.
  6. I would like to think people can have an opinion... no...
  7. The egg because without the egg the chicken wouldn't have come about... Having said that i don't beleive that egg came from a "chicken" but the stage in evoloution before they became chickens Beautifully put
  8. Looks like a doctors surgery and all the success one would expect. Good luck
  9. Richo

    My Trophies

    I'm talking birds sorry darl...
  10. Hmmm. cracker biscuit, runny budgie egg, caviar... I mean, sounds fantastic!!! you beat me to it nubbs
  11. Richo

    My Trophies

    Okay, enough back slapping, let's see some photo's... please...
  12. That is the cleanest cage i have ever seen, Merlin looks a cool customer and a very lucky boy
  13. Is it possible to in effect write backwards?, perhaps in dot points more often than not? Jodie has stated the title [the demon kid] and I bet she has some idea of what he gets up to. I like the "dot point" idea because it lends itself easily to subplots you can weave into the story line. Questions have been asked concerning the validity of certain points including flickering lights but who knows? Maybe the demon kid will cause a massive explosion of toxic gas seeping from the cemetery with said flickering light? One thing for sure is that the more time you spend on it, the better it will get. Carry a small note pad around with you for sudden thoughts you don't want to lose, Beethoven often composed in this fashion. Read other novels in your genre but only good ones. Sounds like you are having a ball...Go for it
  14. All jokes aside there is a balance that must be found...however... he never tries to feed me???
  15. I don't want him to think I'm a party pooper but I do like the idea of some boundaries...
  16. Crikey, you buy a budgie, you really are talking COMMITMENT... ah well, too late...
  17. Should I happen to be munching on some nuts, and "Eagle" is on the loose, he will launch himself beak first at my lips endeavoring to feed. That beak is like a chisel and he often succeeds. While mildly flattered, I know where that beak goes. [yuk] Does he think I am his mother? or do mates feed each other?
  18. What are you doing up this late?
  19. Wonderful news and may i say she looks adorable.
  20. Rest assured, it shall be done. Better safe than sorry. 10 hrs darkness every day.
  21. I would say he is tame Jodie, 10-12 hrs a day Ellie! I will do it if I have to, and for now I guess it's into the hmmm... not sure where, will discuss it with the other guys here.
  22. "Eagle" is not interested in sleeping while the ashes are on. His sleeping patterns are as distorted as mine. I would never disturb him however he seems to sleep when i do.. .Can budgies suffer from sleep deprivation?... I have tried putting covers on his cage to no avail. Just seems to fire him up!
  23. Did you mean to say that? I read nubbly had to get him used to the company of hens, then no problem, before that he only wanted to hang out with his mates[ cocks]
  24. Good work Jodie, you write in a convincing and entertaining manner.
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