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  1. less ostentatious friends
  2. They look MASSIVE for newborns, or are your hands small? Fully agree though, verry cute. So is mum.
  3. Sounds like one to me, a pretty one at that...I actually felt compelled after reading your post re. back pain my friend
  4. Hi folks, for the last four months a thirty year old back injury has come screaming back at me[as it often does] to the extent that I admitted myself to hospital in july and the good news was no problems as far as x-rays were concerned. I was loaded up with drugs and sent home to rest. That night I was awoken with the worst constipation pains ever[drug related] and vowed not to take them again. But what to do? The next day my mate fortuitously called in and in a solemn voice told me he didn't believe there to be any injury that can not be fixed by stretching and although it hurt to stand and put my hands just above my knees as per his instructions, I swore I would persist millimeter by millimeter in an effort to improve my quality of life. I remembered his years at collingwood where they regularly did yoga so I also went to yoga once a week and practiced three or four times a day at home.[short fifteen minute sessions] The progress has been remarkable! Every stretch improves mobility. Within a couple of weeks I was touching my toes for the first time ever, albeit grimacing through the pain but now the pain is almost gone and I have nearly fixed this old injury I have put up with for three decades. The cost to all this is the pain of stretching through an injury. My pal left this minor detail out. The pain is worse in rehab than the original injury as you relive it, but the end result is worth it when you get your life back. I am a yogi for life now and hope this info is of help to some people, love and peace to all, Richo
  5. 2nd shot, the blood on the wall, get rid of 'em, if they ain't good parents what's the good of 'em?
  6. Richo

    Some Jokes

    Laugh lab, check it out.
  7. The earliest form of medicine [middle ages] was to sit at a busy cross roads and speak to passers by about your symptoms and perhaps happen by a remedy from one of said passers by... Don't be afraid to utilize the accumulated knowledge available to you on this site if you feel your doctors are in the dark, they often are. That said, I hope your health is restored A.S.A.P. and that your birds are not implicated in any way, lots of love and positive thoughts...
  8. Hope she gets out of the woods...
  9. Don't fall out with anyone, don't say anything[so to speak], just listen. Be careful when asking questions... A wise man can answer one question in the time a fool can ask TEN...
  10. You are good with names How about natasha?
  11. Once your budgie can step onto your finger [most easily accomplished initially after dark when least excitable], you can now try gently blowing a stream of air at him aiming to rustle a feather or two. "Eagle" loves it and it has a very calming effect on him, eyes closed, perching on one leg and totally fluffed up. Once this technique has been introduced you will be surprised just how forceful you may be, often resulting in your budgie having a good shake and preening while on your finger. Hope it works for you. Cheers
  12. Cool shot, looks like a punk rocker
  13. Have you tried singing to him? They love it! Regarding other methods of sexing, you can apparently feel for the birds testicles if it is a boy. I have no interest in learning this technique myself but some of our members in the wild west will instruct you or be able to direct you to this information which is on this forum somewhere. Ambiguity may have more appeal?
  14. Onwards and upwards...Here is to much future success.
  15. You deserve every success with your breeding program, what a wonderful menu! Hang on, no millet, corn or bottle brush? Maybe some orange occasionally? "Eagle" likes it. P.S. how's the horse? Nearly time for his hair cut.
  16. Play gym ha ha."Eagle" has a new one every day depending on that day's mess!!!
  17. HUH? i was looking at that to before as well and i was like HUH?!!!! gee are you really in your 40's??? Only just... okay, if pets are a reflection of their owner, and Dash is as cute as, Cloud probably is as well. Certainly a good setup for the little guy, well done.
  18. Not sure about him but his owner sounds HOTT...
  19. Richo

    Bottle Brush

    Are you sure you don't have any mysix? I reckon it's all over australia.
  20. Hi there, if in doubt, throw the #*$% out...
  21. Hi Kaz, what is the year of the first caddy?
  22. Ha,Ha...She is so lucky you went out for a plum tree and not...hmmm, the mind boggles..."Eagle" shares his colors with the mighty Eagles, a local footy team.
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