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  1. I love your work, what a cool spot to hang out. I think i would prefer an esky though, for those long contemplative sessions.
  2. Re. names for rats, perhaps after reading some of these posts, Miss Nobel !
  3. Do i detect a twinge of jealousy...?
  4. Love that fist bird, makes ya feel like breeding 'em. Good work. Escapee comment a little unsettling though...
  5. "Eagle" doesn't make any noise untill i wake up. He lives my bedroom, normaly the hound in with us and should be particularly commended on his self control considering many rainbow lorraceets frequent the area . At any other time of the day he happily joins the chorus. I would be interesred in reading of similar behaviours. " Eagle" receives quite a lot of attention, makes most of his own decisions, loves his cage and has the door open unless safety issues proscribe freedom.
  6. Richo


    Lovely echidna and er... nice foliage too!
  7. Hot chicks! How many days between them hatching? They seem to develop so fast...
  8. The beauty of a small flock[okay in my case one] is that these pets if looked after properly, become wonderful role models and mentors. I am ashamed to admit that i have gone weeks without vegetables in the fridge, but not anymore. Budgies should be the heart foundations mascot!!! They set a wonderful example, and with a small flock, they can be afforded the best.
  9. Bread for budgies? What type would the forum suggest?
  10. Thank you for the tips, frozen stir fry is now on my shopping list and i look forward to seeing if corn is to his taste. It certainly is to mine! To date his favorite food is celery.
  11. Just wondering about the fresh, new gum tree sprouts "eagle" adores and which i try to place each day in his cage. After reading some excellent posts on the necessity of quarantining, i now wonder should i wash "eagle's" gum leaves before giving them to him? If so what with? Naturally he receives a variety and certainly enjoys some more than others.
  12. Beautiful chick chrissy, how old?
  13. Thanks Jodie and nerwin for 'eagles' description [the local footy team share his colours]. Hey nerwin, your dissertation on mutations makes excellent reading, well done!
  14. http://s649.photobucket.com/albums/uu219/M...mview=slideshow
  15. Thanks for the tip, on brown rice, my bloke just loves celery!

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