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  1. Richo

    New Birds

    Nice, thanks for the photo's.
  2. Hi Pearce and great work. Remember that every picture tells a story, more please...
  3. "Eagle" has decided to use my thumb as a blow up doll.[for want of a better description] He wiggles against my first thumb joint while hanging on TIGHTLY with his claws and wrapping his wings around my thumb. He bites into my thumb nail often at the same time. I find this behavior mildly upsetting, i would be very embarrassed should someone witness these proceedings. Is there ANYTHING i can do besides paint a face on my thumb nail and think of England?
  4. Hard to get me to smile at 6.30 saturday morning but you did! Nice pictures, funny story, Cheers
  5. Terrible news, hope you've nipped it in the bud. Has the old one been sick before with those problems?
  6. Beautiful colours, Great work!
  7. Those poor birds, that is cruel. Well done for acting.
  8. Amazing shots, especially the babies... cheers
  9. Nice birds S.B.B. and good pics!
  10. No money, just offer to relieve them of their responsibility...may well cost you good money yet... who knows?
  11. G'day and welcome. Hey what is a" flight suit", pictures please?
  12. Sorry for your multiple losses, what happened?
  13. Well done 007, now to find some, [out side the botanic gardens] in the city... Ha Ha
  14. No Kaz, no symptoms, very happy bird. Purely preventative measures. Cool? Any other periodic preventative measures one should take?
  15. Hi troops, I have purchased Avitrol Bird Mite and Lice Spray from a pet shop. Any thoughts on this "off the shelf" product's usefulness? Many thanks in advance for any replies.
  16. An hour or so ago "eagle" decides a cool new spot to perch is on an empty tall glass. He thoroughly enjoyed chirping and leaning into it, enchanted with the new timbre the tall glass provided. Suddenly I realized he was silent and imagine my horror when I glanced over and there he was head first in the glass with his tail feathers protruding unable to make a sound or move with his beak supporting his weight! I immediately tipped him onto my lap and he sat for a moment in shock. Had 5 ml of liquid been in that glass he would have drowned. No better trap exists, he couldn't move a feather. Such are the innumerable risks around the house for a tame budgie. Loving owner's please beware, a tragedy was very, very narrowly avoided. p.s. he has a black spot on his beak from the L.A. cola stain on the glass bottom, thank god it was empty.
  17. Richo


    What is hora frost?
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