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    is it cool for eagle to eat this stuff... He loves it.
  2. C'mon, call it richo, What was the sex??? Doesn't matter, gift the georgeous thing to me,,,
  3. Beautiful pictures, I love the blue one, you should see the life 'eagle' has...Maybe you might introduce me to show breeding??? he or she will have a wonderful life...
  4. Just wondering Richo......WHY exactly you think he may be a show budgie cull ? R E A D the topic I have....but he does not resemble a show budgie at all, not even a cull. R E A D the posts, in particular dave's.
  5. Just wondering Richo......WHY exactly you think he may be a show budgie cull ? R E A D the topic
  6. This link is a ripper and I now have it book marked! The photo's are amazing!!! Thanks a lot Nubbly, and every one else for enlightening me. No idea which class will end up my favorite, I love 'em all...
  7. Wow Splatt, those shots look amazing, can more people post pictures of ribbon winners please? A picture really does tell a story... would love to see a show winner same variety as "Eagle"
  8. That photo was at around twelve weeks and at the time I believe he was stretching, hence the interesting shot.[i thought so] I suppose he is pretty much in that proportion, albeit much bigger. Dave, thank you for your honesty, I suppose it is easy to become delusional waking to such an exquisite [in my eyes] creature each day...
  9. Thankyou, o.k. 22 cms, would that be from the tip of the tail to the top of his head?
  10. Hi all, I realise that show budgies are large, but how large? Can anyone tell me how long a bird should be before it might realistically be a contender? And how are they to be measured considering tail feathers can reduce overall length heaps by falling out? I am thinking that "Eagle" may have been mistakenly culled and who knows? I might have a "sleeper". This has been on my mind for a while now...He has no problem being held so if anyone can tell me what measurements I should look to exceed and where to measure I would greatly appreciate it. He would have turned one at the beginning of november if that helps. thanks, Richo
  11. Hi pebbiz72, from what I have witnessed here, breeders are only too willing to send birds by freight, it is quite common so perhaps look into that? Keep your eyes open and you will have a crack'in stud in no time. Cheers
  12. Hi birdluv, the 1st and 7th photos are my favorites, 1st gave me a chuckle. Wow he really rips into that millet on the video, he seems to love you already! Looks like you are very lucky to have each other. Well done.
  13. While visiting the fam in canberra over christmas, I happened upon a lovely pet shop which will only sell pets as gifts if the recipient is there when the purchase is made. Of course they can only do so much, [just quickly digressing back to alpaca boy's post] and this has resulted in two sides here. Side 1 are those who own one or a few budgies, side 2, those who breed in what some will call commercial quantities, that is, are required to cull regularly. The fact is that most of us live in a city and must use a pet shop. It is not possible for we city dwellers to just slip "out back" and go cocky hunting. In that way, both sides need each other! I personally sit firmly on the fence but would love more general awareness regarding animal welfare.
  14. Hi alpaca boy, I would say that a pet shop proprietor would never allow a budgie to die of old age, rather,if a bird was of a particularly undesirable color [we wont call her ugly], the price would drop until it's sale was inevitable. In business it is very important to turn over your stock, and keep things fresh. Hey, why are you called alpaca boy?
  15. A terrible shame G.B. really sorry for you and I hope your quick response will be rewarded with the speedy recovery of your flock. Lots of love, Richo
  16. After a two week trip which ended two weeks ago i noticed "eagle" barking like one of the dogs here and now is saying "hello" as of today,,, He just becomes a better pet every day for those new comers, don't give up!!! I have been trying to get him to talk now FOR A YEAR!!!
  17. You could have two dishes one inside the other separated by a water moat?
  18. tease a budgie? do they really like rotten fruit Kaz? I thought better to protect them from it, perhaps have the same fruit accessible albeit fresh if concerned? I am just trying to duplicate their natural environment and indeed what they fly hundreds and hundreds of kilometers to find. Hi Renee, unfortunately "eagle" is an inside budgie...but I'm happy you found the concept stimulating
  19. Hi all, bird watching last weekend at my pal's farm, he told me the budgies were loving it when the puddles were largest, he seemed to think the budgies are there for the bugs and small flying insects.[thats meat huh?] Got me thinking maybe budgies would go for those insects that hover around a piece of fruit left out? Not sure about the decaying fruit in their diet but that would be easily solved using a flat dish containing fruit covered with bird wire. Waddaya reckon?
  20. Hi all, I got back monday after two weeks at Streaky Bay, the last two days of the trip bird watching at my friends farm out in the back blocks. My friend said the flocks of budgies were in the hundreds when it was wettest, at the end of august. He then told me last weekend he hadn't seen any now for a month. You can imagine my delight when late sunday afternoon, the night before I returned home, I saw a small flock of about fifteen, in flight. I turned my mate's ute around and followed and luckily they lit in a tree a couple of hundred metres on. What surprised me was how fast they are! They are larger than I thought they would be, and in flight more beautiful than I imagined. At the end of august the bird life was most prolific, when the puddles were the size of tennis courts. The farmer thinks budgies and other birds eat the insects which abound under those conditions. When the puddles were largest he saw a mad violet bird he has only seen twice in thirty years. I had to look at it in a book lol. I will post some pictures on the weekend after learning how to do so with an apple mac. [may have to hassle a mod.] I guess the lesson I have learnt is to go as soon as the roads are passable for the bird watching trips of a life time.
  21. Two drunks walking home with enough money for a bottle so they buy one and while negotiating a slippery slope, the drunk carrying the bottle in his pocket falls and feels the liquid running down his leg. He groans out loud, "I hope thats blood"...
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