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  1. I had to keep myself distracted from going out and buying another feathery friend to cuddle on Sunday just gone, so I did a proper disinfect of Budge's cage and toys and i put all of his seed and treats inside the cage, and i definitely let the tears flow! We go through the photos we have of him as well...it helps alot. I'm so sorry that you lost your loved one as well... Have you considered looking for another budgie? As this was our second Budgie (our first lived for just over 10 years), my partner Beau was looking at getting a cockatiel, but i don't think they will have the personalities that the budgies have.
  2. Our beloved beautiful Budgie passed away at around 2/3am this morning. It's the hardest thing to have picked up his body to say goodbye. It has really hit us hard, he was the most unique bird who would lay down with us in bed to give us cuddles, he was shy with his singing, but would eventually just want to belt it out if we stayed in the room, and all of our friends treated him like apart of our family, they knew not to mess with 'The Budge'. The hardest thing was he was only almost 2 years old. It will be so hard to walk into home without him greeting us with he cheeky smile and his puffyness. He would always ask 'what are you doing' and tell us all about his 'budgie breath'! He knew he was a sook and told us all the time, and barked like a dog when other birds came near!! His vocabulary was still growing, I wish he was still here so I can hear him chatter just one more time and give me his famous kisses. He didn't get along well with our other birds, especially after one of them nipped his foot. But he loved cuddles from everyone, untill you turned him upside down!! He showed us how sharp his beak is when his wings were clipped, and when visiting the vet. I'm going to have a rough day at work today, even now tears are streaming down my face, but I just have to remember how amazing he has made our life, and all the cheekyness he got up to in his short loved life. You were so loved, Buddy "Budgie'! xx
  3. Just so you are aware Dr Danny Brown, Sun Coast Vet Hospital in Caloundra isn't an Avian Vet The only Avian Vet on the Sunshine Coast in QLD is... Dr Kim Evans B.V.Sc (Hons) M.V.St Q.D.A.H (Hons) AQIS (QLD) 14 Rigby Street Nambour Qld 4560 P: 07 5441 2355 F: 07 5441 7587 Email Us www.allanimalvet.com.au ABN 64 487 059 873 They quoted me $55 consultation charge, and are open between 7:30am till 6pm Monday - Fridays and between 7:30am till 12noon on Saturdays.
  4. Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  5. He is okay, his toe is so swollen, and he has scabbed over. He is still using his foot to jump around but he stands with it tucked up sometimes. He is singing at the moment and still his cheeky self. I put some more bettadine on him this morning. I am sceptical if he will loose the toe though, its still got some colour but a tinge of purple.
  6. He wasn't in the cage, Buddy was on top of a cage, and the ringneck got inside the cage whilst we were eating dinner and nipped his foot from the inside. Such carelessness from us, but they have been together for 9 months now and have gotten on well. We never left them unattended however. http://img535.imageshack.us/img535/5278/dsc0055jz.jpg Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  7. Thank you so much for your help :rofl: the room is warm now and the man is putting betadine on him
  8. I wasn't sure what antiseptic they can have. We had a cotton tip with salty warm water. And instead of a heat lamp can we use a heater? He is in our bedroom at the moment for peace and quiet. His toe looks purple already :rofl: I think we may be loosing his toe, but I want to make sure everything else is okay. What antiseptics can we use on birds? Also, he has stopped bleeding now.
  9. Our beautiful 18 month old Budgie, Buddy, has just been injured by a ring-neck parrot. He has made what we hope is only flesh wound on his foot and we were hoping to get some hints/tips on how to make sure it wont get infected. It is quite deep and i am hoping he hasn't bitten him too deep to affect any of his foot bones, its on his larger toe closer to the nail. It only happened 5 minutes ago now and is still bleeding, he is at the moment in his dark cage where he will stay still. He has it tucked up under him, i don't want him to get infected. Please help us. Cheers Claire
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