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  1. I did notice on the wings, each side, had one feather that looked red and missing bits, like something had been feeding off it. But it looked minor. I dont think it had been there long and the bird was down in the dumps prior to this I think and from what I read, that makes them perfect prey for a flat fly. Apparently once they find their perfect host, they actually loose their wings!!! ugh shudder .. makes me shiver at the thought of this creepy black thing living on the bird. She's still inside. Will just see how she goes. I have her in the laundry, not much of a life shut in a laundry all d
  2. okay thanks, I have been meaning to do this for a while to find out what's going on so here they are ... note the green budgie seems to of cleared up. I dont know what to do with the all white bird, this is the one that had the fly on it. The day after I posted, I came outside and found it on the bottom of the aviary covered in gunk. I had cleaned up the night before and obviously she had fallen down and not been able to get up and the remnants of the cleanup had dried on her. It was really hot, so I bought her inside and after a day she bounced back and cleaned herself up. Kept her in for a
  3. Thanks I will try pick some up. I just did a Google on it actually and found a good YouTube video showing photos. I think what my hens have is hyperkeratosis rather than scalyface. Would it be normal for most of my birds to have this same condition though? I have 5 budgies. One of them had this horn like cere but it's now gone and nice and smooth. The others are all very similar to this photo http://www.birds-online.de/gesundheit/gesallgemein/wsanatwachshaut_en.htm
  4. Thanks, yeh did a bit of research and it was one of those pigeon flys. Yuk. This budgie is very quiet all the time, doesn't chirp or mix with the other birds. Has always been like that, when I got it I wondered if it was a tame bird that had been an inside pet because it's not as feisty as the others and lets you catch it easily without biting but I wonder if something is wrong with her. I read those flies are more likely to visit weaker birds. Disgusting! So creepy the way they dart about. Anywhere you can get ivermectin to the do the job without vet consult or is that still difficult to com
  5. Hi, my budgies (5x outside aviary) have not been looking a picture of heath lately. I dosed them about 4 & 6 weeks ago with the mite stuff I got from the Bird Vet last time I was there, he commented one had some type of mite. I was instructed to put a few drops on their neck. The ceres on them all look crusty. I am now out of the stuff from the Vet, so to keep up maintenance I bought some AristoPet Bird & Mite spray and sprayed them today. I noticed looking up to my all white budgie I could see something black under the feathers between it's wings on it's back. So I caught it to see wh
  6. That's okay, thank you. She was an old bird I guess and had to die of something. I wish I had taken her sooner though as she probably could of been put to sleep earlier to avoid suffering. The Vet said she went off to sleep extremely quickly and I bought her home and buried her.
  7. Hi, just thought I'd do an update on this in case others have the same thing and stumble on this thread. Turns out my bird had a type of cancer. I'm glad I trusted my instinct that it looked extremely painful and didn't go poking or prodding at it. It wasn't healing and kept bleeding at the slightest knock. The appearance of the wound had deteriorated rapidly. The Vet (avian) felt she would of been in pain and I couldn't leave her the way she was. He offered euthanasia or an amputation but at her age it just didn't make sense so I had her put to sleep :bluebudgie::angel:
  8. Hi again, I need some more advice. I'm still having problems and it seems worse. I salted and used Betadine a few times around the time I last posted and all seemed well within a few days things were healing up, dried up and looking promising. But since then it's like it doesn't heal completely. I have left her for a few weeks but caught her today as she wasn't looking too good again. There was a huge scab which fell off today when I washed/salted it again. Then put more betadine. All the bleeding seems to of started up if it gets knocked or touched. There is more pus there too. I am so reluct
  9. The lady at the petstore told me it's best to have an aviary facing where the sun rises rather than where it sets. Apparently where it sets they can get a chill from the late afternoon air. Not sure if there's any truth to that but mine faces east with the back of the aviary bang up against the house brick wall so fairly protected. In previous years I have got some shadecloth and hung it over at least half of the exposed part of the aviary in Winter just to help keep wind and rain out. I also put in some boxes, even though I dont breed with mine. I notice my tiels sitting on the ledge
  10. lol okay preening. I remembered I also had some Neotopic cream which is an antibiotic which I was given for the dog's wound and also the guinea pigs/rabbits.Would this be safe to use this stuff on birds? It's a few years out of date though. A Vet once told me out of date didn't really matter, it meant it may not be as effective? Otherwise I will just get some of the other things you mentioned which sound easy options. Thanks heaps. I am so scared to put pressure on the wing though, it looks like there isn't much of the wing with all that gunk and blood I imagine it would be painfully sore. T
  11. Well I've given her a two salt baths and it already seems to be looking cleaner. I caught her yesterday and it looked like a fresh clot of blood there. She is looking quite naked in the area, I think there are a few broken and missing feathers. It also looks like on her body where the wound touches she has some issues but I noticed her pruning in there the other day. I'll have to keep an eye on that. I couldn't get any antibiotics over the counter at the pet supply? I thought you'd be able to get something like that for birds but aparently not. She also has a leg issue going on, bit of lamenes
  12. okay thank you. I'll give it a shot and see how I go.
  13. oh I was reading this the other day actually and wondered. On this wing in the past she has had growths which resemble a piece of corn. In this spot too. You notice them every now and then sticking out. But it's not there anymore. hhhmmm yes makes sense I should of realized the connection. She has always had these funny growths appear in that spot, they come and go. She has never really been able to fly. It has never ever looked like this though so something has happened to create the bleeding. Maybe it burst or got infected? So given her age and current condition what should I do? She is mana
  14. Hi all, I noticed a few times over the past month fresh blood appear in the aviary. Last weekend I noticed this budgie had some blood on her wing feathers so I caught her and this is the mess under her wing. I wondered if it's a blood feather but with the mess I just am too scared to go pulling any feathers in case it's something else. It looks like bits of scabby skin??? I really cant make it out. She is quite old, I'd say 12 years+. Any ideas? Should I try cleaning it up?
  15. Hi Michelle, I know this is an old thread but I saw this picture of another aviary and thought of your problem. Perhaps for the moment a safety precaution would be to hang some shade cloth on the inside of the door, similar to how this person has done it ... http://forums.budgiebreeders.asn.au/index.php?showtopic=30198
  16. ...it has a base, galvanized iron. It originally didn't come with anything and it was on concrete pavers but I was having mice/rat problems so DH put the base on it. But I dont put a topping or anything on the base, it's just the plain iron. Thanks for all your replies, very helpful. The aviary is 6 ft long, 2ft wide and 5 ft high at the lowest point and about 7 ft high in the dome. I have 2 tiels and 1 budgie. I would like to get more budgies though. I had a bit of a clean out today with branches and it's much more roomy in there for them. I just hate getting in there, my budgie
  17. Hi all, old user but haven't posted much. Have had budgies on and off most of my life but mostly outdoor aviary. This week we have a new baby budgie who is living indoors with us for now. I wondered if she was opaline but cant seem to upload an image to show her off. She looks quite like the bird at the top left of this forum, mostly yellow with splashes of blue and a blue V between her wings at the back. I did get her for the aviary as I currently only have 2 tiels and 1 budgie (1 recently passed) but my DD and I have talked of having an indoor bird for a while so we'll see how it goes w
  18. what a sweetie she is I'm so pleased she found a new home. It sounds like it's been hotter in Adelaide than Melbourne. We have been sweltering here but it sounds so much worse over there. Tough for the animals in the heat.
  19. what a great thread. I was about to go out and buy some new perches like Bea made but instead I'm heading to the hardware store to get the bolts and stuff. Those perches are really exxy from the petstores! Actually I have an old had it perch I bought a while ago I am going to pull apart for the hardware off it!
  20. great setup. that mob picture is awesome. You should send that into the Herald Sunday Sun pet section.
  21. god I dont know which story is more disturbing. As if you would pick up a nest of birds and take it to a petstore. Have these people not heard of a telephone to ring around and ask for advice far out, that is just bizarre. People really are stoopid.
  22. We have had such a hot spell the past week or two in Vic. My birds were really heat stressed by early AM. Our aviary didn't have much shade and full arvo sun. The tin roof gives them shade and I have shadecloth over the open area but in full sun it is still way too hot. AFter the first day of hot weather we recloated it to the side of the house so now early AM it gets filtered light thru trees and by about 11am in full shade from house. Much better spot for Summer but Spring & Auturmn probably better in the other spot so they get those nice sunny days. We just moved it with a trolley.
  23. Thank you for rescuing them and taking care of them.
  24. okay thanks all. Tonight though after I posted, I went out there and everyone was obviously hungry, the budgies had worked it out (it is big enough for them, I got the large size) and the tiels were also managing to get food from it. I let them continue to discover it for another 15 or so minutes, then I put the tiel saucer back in. In the petstore the aviaries all have them and the budgies and tiels are eating from them. I will go and check it out again and take better notice of styles and sizes they are using and watch the birds a bit to see how they get on. They are a really go
  25. I have an aviary with 2 budgies and 2 tiels. I have always had an external feeder contraption which I hated from the minute I bought it, it's useless but the theory is the seed sits on the outside of the aviary and the feeder part is on the inside and the seed shall fall through (gravity). Hopeless, cost me over $60 and big waste of money. I used to have the budgie seed in this. It required me going and scooping and constantly 'encouraging' down new seed, scooping out old seed from the dispenser. The seed would also get wet when it rained. We have a ledge in the aviary and in a lar