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  1. He's telling you to go away and leave him alone.
  2. It might of helped 3 or 4 years ago.
  3. You should of been cleaning them in the nest so the build up isn't so bad, do as advised.
  4. Cinn, op, / lacewings and normals most gold rung. PM if interested. Cheers Corie.
  5. Wise move young fella, colony breeding is a disaster waiting to happen.
  6. That would be about the time you seen the radio in my shed Mark , me and the birds couldn't live without it mate. Going to wait another month or so before i put that male down i got off you. Hows the breeding going has that Welshman pair started to lay? Did you lose any birds in the extreme heat we had i lost seven
  7. Yeah i just noticed that, gee it's a big door.
  8. I would put your perches in the aviary the other way round so they can fly the length.
  9. No paired to a normal male you will only get split male offspring. . Possible / not all will be,
  10. No they wont, a chance they might turn out /
  11. I'm always well stocked mate.
  12. Love this hen, 2010 bred lacewing,she has bred some beauties as well.
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