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  1. Thanks Kaz I thought that was how you would do it but I wasnt to sure I couldnt see it clearly in the photos.
  2. Hey Kaz I was just wondering what have you used to hold the mesh up. Would you have any photos of them. Im just trying to figure out how im goin to do it.
  3. It gets to around 40 at the most sometimes 42 or 43 but not very often. i think its only going to be about 2000 high it is going to be very open but its going to have 2 side covered in 2 sides wire so the breeze should keep it pretty cool.
  4. Well it looks like i was wrong and the rain stayed away so the slab did get layed today here are some photos As you can see our pet lamb millie wanted to be in most of the photos. He just has to be the centre of attention all the time You can see my old aviary in the back ground as well its quiet small so the birds will love it once the new room is finished. Well thats all my news from here at the moment hopefully i will start building a frame in the next couple of weeks just waiting for a chook shed to be built then its my turn
  5. Thanks guys it should be really good. Bit of a delay but its been raining for 2 days and looks like it will rain for some of tomorrow as well so the slab mightn't get layed till next week but that doesn't really bother me too much, im just happy to know the slab is getting done soon. :rofl:
  6. Im so excited at the moment cause the slab for my new aviary and breeding room is getting laid on Friday hopefully :sadsorry: The breeding room is goin to be 2400mm x 2400mm and the aviary is going to be 1200mm x 2400mm. I am hoping to have it all finished in about 6 weeks but im about to start year 12 next week and i also have alot of sport and work on at the moment so im not sure if it will be done but i can always hope. Other than that i am just excited things are getting a move on and i will have a better area for my birds by the end of the year :laughter:
  7. hi all can someone please show me how i can make a homemade or for anyone in wagga could i please borrow one brooder as my one day old baby is not getting fed my the hen and i think she is sitting on it to hard and squashing it thank you
  8. Damm thats a good setup. If you dont mind me asking what are your cabinets made out of?? im only wondering cause you said that you need to "soapy watter wash all the cabinets"
  9. Shannon i think you will find that you can ship them anywhere in the continent but not into another continent like you can ship from Britain to Germany Britain to say America.
  10. So would you be suggesting not to remove him KAZ?? The oldest chick is only just 2 weeks old
  11. Really Daz thats pretty crazy. How old should the chicks be before i take dad away from mum and the chicks?? i want him to have a go with this lutino hen i have before its gunne be to close to december when the chicks are fledging
  12. Ohk rightio that means if i pair it with a lutino hen i will get lutino cocks and hens?
  13. I am just wondering how do i check if my green spangle cock is split lutino? out of a clutch of 3 he had one lutino and a clutch of 2 he had 1 lutino. Do i need to pair him with a lutino hen??
  14. Thats great to hear matt i hope it all goes well from hear It really s#%*s me when i hear of vets like that im pretty lucky cause my vet doesnt charge me at all if the consultation is less than 15 mins i have only ever had to pay for antibiotics before and they were only like 10 bucks never a single consultation fee.
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