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  1. and to those asking where the babies to be bred are kept , they'll stay there for six months (which is CRUEL and not following YOUR STANDARDS) until ready for breeding. As a breeder and a businessman I need to separate the birds to be bred from birds to be picked up by pet stores. Hope this is spacious enough for you all .
  2. Those philly birds live in isolation compared to bird places I have seen in the western suburbs here... before anyone gets too excited. Meaning what Richo ? Meaning the overcrowding you see where birds can not all perch, perhaps 30 maybe more in one of those breeding cages. Absolutely heart breaking. But back to marion, i mean she is a joke right? Selling our beloved budgies for bioresearch!!! [posted 23.48 yesterday] gb, no doubts you almost made me cry with this post...alot of love put into that.. i agree... please dont have budgies llike that amount if you anno
  3. as I've said breeders will start breeding parakeets at the age of 3 to 4 months . with show budgerigars , they'll wait for 6 months before breeding them , we count the months the birds stayed on the flight ...not from the day of being hatched .
  4. Thanks a lot for the wisdom . That's why I love this forum so much. Because there's a lot of nice people like you guys . and ghazzigh , well at least now you know I've got lovebirds to feed.
  5. If that's what you believe.. actually 450 is my last count. that was 3 months ago. anyways thanks a lot for the comments.
  6. I think I'm the only one here in the whole province willing to wait for 6 months (that's 6 months stay in the flight / 8 months after being hatched) to breed those birds , most breeders I know will breed them after 4 months of stay on the flight (6 months / 6 months and half after hatching) Yeah , have market for the babies. 3 months Olddd?????? I think I will have to use a cannon d6_ _ camera for you to see the parakeets clearly . Here in the philippines , if you breed those parakeets after 12 months (that's 12 months stay on the parakeet flight) they won't l
  7. Ill breed them as soon as they are 6 months of age .. the pieds are breeders for 1 year and a half now ...
  8. there a lutino and yellow fischer on the 1st 3rd and 4th pics liby , which ones are babies? been breeding parakeets for 13 years now and I definitely won't breed any baby parakeets . If you are refering to the 1st picture on the 2nd post , then there's really 2 babies there with their mom , another baby 3rd to the last picture . not to good in taking photos .
  9. right dave , just got home from work , its night here in the Philippines right now , I took those pics a while ago at 530pm .. ,.. right now , I've got 150 breeding pairs (75 pairs each aviary).. some other pics..
  10. look at that yawn ... Lovely thanks pearce , will take a goodnight sleep for now , hopefully , will be able to post some pics tomorrow , my wife's still at a vacation with our camera miles away from here.. CIAO..
  11. Yeah the colors .. just that the onlhappy that the green budgie pair that I have is the color of the wild budgies in australia ... :greenb: :rofl: with the perch while travelling , that's actually true , I also tried usin perches travelling and I can see how my budgies falls from the perch to the bottom of the cage , and they sometimes will have a broken wing .. Really? cinnamon spangle and a recessive pied? I really love that bird in your sig .. I also have light green recessive pied and a cinnamon .. Havnt tried pairing them up before. thanks for the info .. may I see the pa
  12. I think i just cant find the exact words to explain what I really meant .. Should I say LOOKS LIKE ALMOST the same... about the perch . this is a really huge aviary , I am standing where the perch's located ..
  13. Why are these ones all over the ground? Don't they have enough perches either? Or are they too young to sit on perches? they are about to be delivered to a petshop. Adding up some perches while travelling on rough roads here in our country won't do anything different.. :rofl: I also know what bush budgies are , Just wanna show you guys the only show type pair that I have that looks the same as a bush budgie... By The Way , thanks pearce and elly ... Appreciate it . Pearce: I really love the budgie in your sig , what's the color of their parents? I;ve been tryi
  14. Yah. the perches , thanks for the reminder guys .. The long perch is located from where I was standing from , guess I need someone to teach me something about photography Here are the pics of other baby budgies to be delivered to a local petshop here .. Pet type parakeets Show type budgies I also learned thru this forums that there is what we call as" Bush budgies" just wanna share this picture cause this is the only Show type budgie Pair that I have , that looks like a Bush Budgie ..
  15. thanks .. Pitty , background doesnt seem to nice for their color
  16. Hi everyone , most especialy to Daz and liv , these are the pictures I took a while ago from my baby parakeet's aviary , not realy that good taking up pics , so the bird's real color doesnt shows up clearly here (i just used my cellphone in taking up some pics) Ill wait for my wife , to take pics of our show type parakeet's photos ( my wife keeps our camera because she really loves posting pics on her friendster account )
  17. True , we call it as FIRE TREE here in the Philippines I have'nt seen any birds here eating the leaves , about the flowers , native finches here loves it .
  18. Really catched my attention , here in the philippines they are selling calcium block $US.40 cents each . And this will definitely be an addition to my savings if I will be the one to make my own calcium block may sound silly but , Is it okay to replace Plaster of paris with white cement? If not , what other hardening material can I use to replace plaster of Paris?
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