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  1. So will it subside, or is it seasonal and come back each year?
  2. For the last 3-4 months Pixel has been really inward and a tiny bit anti-social. He spends most of the day eating his seed (bagged from a pet food shop - not Trill) and then throwing up some of that seed on his toys - mainly his favourite toy. We have plenty of toys for him to play with, and if we rotate his toys in his cage he won't play with any other toy. He will move to the part of the cage where his favourite toy has been moved to. At night times he used to spend a fair bit of his time outside the cage, either talking to the other birds (mirrors around the house), or on his play pen playing with his cat toys (balls with bells in them) or sitting on a bendy perch preening. Lately though he has been flying out, wanting to give me kisses, and some of his seed (ew) and then maybe 10 seconds later fly back to his cage, wait 10-15 minutes rinse and repeat. We have stuck a seed treat in his cage, I know they aren't great because of all the sugar, though he hasn't touched it! Not sure what else to try, does anyone have any ideas? Cheers
  3. So is it a Red Wattlebird or a Koel? Does anyone know when it might be a little more quiet?
  4. Guys, I know it's not a budgie, and this may be a longshot but I am just wondering what type of bird this big fella is: Not the best of photos, but I can tell you that it is making a call that sounds almost exactly like a puppy. In-fact until earlier this week, that's exactly what we thought it was and I nearly made a fool of myself with a neighbour. //Edit: I just realised that this is probably not the best forum for this thread. Mods feel free to move it or delete it. My apologies. Cheers Laurie I appears it might be a Red Wattlebird. is the 'cry'Very cute bird, but hopefully not around for too long!
  5. If we take him out the back room he will usually only fly around that room and not really fly to where the mirrors are. We aren't too worried about the behaviour at the moment, hopefully he grows out of it. Thanks for the suggestions Cheers Laurie
  6. My ~3 month old budgie Pixel has discovered where the mirrors in the house are. There are 3 main ones he flys to from his cage if let out and has no where to perch so wears himself out - huffing and puffing when he does land and slightly lifting his wings to cool down (I think he does it to cool down). It is worrying behaviour and something I desperately want to discourage. I really want him to sit on my shoulder or play with his toys/play pen outside of his cage. I have just caught him (rather aggressively unfortunately as he would not perch on my finger and allow me to put him back in his cage). I put him in the cage, and covered him up and will not uncover him until later. What can I do to discourage him from visiting the other budgie in the mirror? I do not want to cover the mirrors, I can close the doors but in Summer it is much more comfortable for all at home with them open. Hoping this is a 'terrible twos' phase. Regards Laurie & Naughty Pixel.
  7. I took the bigger toys out of the cage, giving him more room and probably less frightening. He has started to play a little bit with the only toy in the cage and has become a lot more relaxed being around us and out of his cage. Thanks for the suggestions. Cheers Laurie
  8. Pixel is about 6 weeks old now and still hasn't really started playing with the toys in his cage. He likes to go from the top of the cage to the bottom of the cage (right to the floor) and the back up. He is also still not eating the seed out of the feeder at the top of the cage (or the water) and will eat (and drink) from the bottom of the cage. I don't like him doing this because of the obvious health issues with his poo being in his food/water. Should I just stop putting food at the bottom and he'll learn where the feeder is at the top? Cheers Laurie
  9. Firstly, just to let everyone know I am returning to this forum and am going to try and be active even if I lurk more often than not. I also have some sad news, JD passed away in the middle of October and I was (still am) pretty devastated. This is the last picture I have of my little eagle: I would love it if you had a look around his very own gallery here. He was unfortunately a very sick birdie and died at the vet (after I had left). He had liver and kidney failure. My wife and I picked him up from the vet and buried him under a freshly planted camellia tree. I was then convinced to pick up a new baby bird very kindly offered to us by a local breeder (refereed by the breeder of JD) I can now introduce Pixel, a very chirpy, cheeky baby: Pixel also has his own, very small gallery here All I know about Pixel is it's a boy. I will probably be making a post in the behaviour forum as Pixel is flapping about like a crazy bird each morning (around 6AM) and am just wondering if it's because he's scared or just a baby.
  10. My Budgie JD had a blood feather come out this morning while flying to my shoulder. He still seems to be bleeding and I don't have any idea what to do! I'm pretty worried Here is a picture, not for the faint of heart - Link Thanks for any help!
  11. Thanks for the replies, I think I'll leave it. He's not in any pain and walks fine.
  12. JD sits on one of his toes in a real strange way. Closeup Image: When he was a cute little fluffy baby the toe was a lot worse and would actually be turned under and sitting next to the 2nd toe from the left! I have read that it could be a lack of calcium and could have been caused by a lack of wires in his nesting cage when he hatched. I could be wrong but aren't budgies supposed to have a Zygodactyly toe layout: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Bird-feets.png He does eat some cuttle bone and I have given him some egg shell. Will it get better as he gets older or should I do something about it now? Cheers As I post this he is singing to the music playing. very out of tune though.
  13. Laurie

    Misty Says Hi

    I can try and take Misty to see an avian vet, does anyone have a list of avian vets in Sydney especially around the St George area?
  14. Laurie

    Misty Says Hi

    I've suggested to my girlfriends parents that they should take it to a vet. They are mega tight and don't want to pay money for someone else's bird. I then suggested that they try and find the original owner. I'll and change their minds, but they are also stubborn. The eye is full gone, and you can see the canal for the ear.
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