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  1. ~L-Sta~


    Thats just like my budgies... my boy Leo was from a breeder and hes always been very tame, but my hubby's hen (who is from a pet shop) definitely isn't! She hates me! She's a daddy's girl If I try handle her she raises her beak and tweets angrily, but she's sweet as pie with her 'dad'
  2. Boy do I know how that feels! Hubby and I are looking at moving within the next few months, but I've already fallen in love with a house! Its sooo perfect but its available way before we're ready I'm sure there would have been alot of interest in it already as its a great place for the price. *sighs*
  3. I saw that too, it's so sad I know its a part of life but that doesn't make it any less upsetting when it happens. Here's an interesting thought though: We all know budgies are noisy little creatures (lol) but yesterday my two babies were by far the rowdiest they'd ever been. They just would not stop squawking and carrying on. After seeing the story about the birds dying on the news my hubby wondered out loud whether our birds somehow sensed that something was wrong. At first I just laughed, but it got me thinking. Budgies certainly aren't dumb. What do other people think??
  4. I bought one of those for my budgies too, they love it!!! My hen has managed to break one of the rings though, she's so rough with her toys! She sits on top of the cage and unhooks the toys from the roof hence breaking many of them, including my other budgie's all-time favourite toy (he was heartbroken!)
  5. Leo loves them too so he was pretty upset when I took them away I'd rather him be safe though You're welcome I don't like the idea of anyone else's budgies getting hurt as well so I thought I'd say something.... we all know how inquisitive the little guys are! It's so easy for them to get into trouble
  6. ~L-Sta~


    I'm glad somebody asked about this, I've been wondering about it lately. My budgie Leo regurgitates on anything and everything, even his own feet (he doesn't seem to realise they are a part of him, he will sit there and feed, talk to and watch them lol ) It got worse after we bought our hen, Leo only used to regurgitate on his mirror occasionally before she arrived. I reckon its cute I actually managed to get a video of him feeding her this afternoon, usually they stop what they're doing when I grab the camera!!
  7. I've often wondered whether I should change his perches as I have a mixture of dowel and natural ones, but I'll definitely be replacing the dowel ones now. I did have them wrapped in fabric but our hen just shreds it :sadsorry: Thanks!!
  8. ~L-Sta~

    New :)

    Thanks! :sadsorry: Funny you say that, I did actually amend her name once, I sent a photo in to a magazine but said her name was 'Witchy' instead since I don't think they would have been too keen on printing her real name
  9. Just browsing through the budgie safety forum made me remember an experience I had a few years back. I bought one of those 'star wheel' toys that go on your budgie's perch, like this one: My budgie LOVED it, but one day while he was playing with it he got his foot stuck in the lattice and couldn't pull it out. He panicked and starting jumping around and trying to fly away. I managed to cut the plastic and release his foot, but not before he got a nasty cut on his toe. I'm just glad I was in the room at the time and that he wasn't alone when it happened. It also surprised me because I checked the toy before I bought it and the lattice didn't look big enough for a budgie to get stuck. Has anybody else had a similar experience? Are there many other toys that have been dangerous?
  10. I never thought of that... I did once catch her nipping him on the foot (or trying to). Thanks Liv
  11. Yeah I've heard sandpaper is bad, I've never used it in their cage as I didn't like the thought of it on their poor feet! Ah okay, I'll try that. I've just been putting a dab of petroleum jelly on his feet to try to moisturise them a little, but I didn't think of dettol for infection Thank you!!!!
  12. Thank you! I've always loved his colours. His head never used to have blue mixed through the yellow, there was a definite line. As he has aged the blue has been slowly taking over his beautiful yellow feathers, but he's still just as cute Also thanks for clearing that up for me, I've been told so many things over the years I didn't know what to believe! Lynelle
  13. My budgie Leo has sore, red patches on both his feet, one worse than the other. They seem to hurt him sometimes as he will limp slightly. A thorough Google search only came up with two possibilities- "bumblefoot" or pressure sores, however I've seen some pictures of bumblefoot and it doesn't seem to look the same. Here is a photo of his bad foot: The other foot doesn't have the crusty yellow stuff, just a shiny red patch. I've tried covering their perches with fabric and many other tips I've found but poor Leo isn't getting any better. Any advice/opinions would be great
  14. I've searched so many sites trying to figure out what colour my little boy is but haven't been successful yet All the descriptions are so confusing to me! Here is a picture of him: Any help would be much appreciated
  15. Just thought I'd post some pics I liked A very flattering *cough* picture of Leo preening http://i222.photobucket.com/albums/dd134/d...87/DSCF0010.jpg Strange photo of Leo flying away just as I'd lined up the shot Leo getting annoyed at Mum watching him Bitchy giving Leo a preen Little cutie
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