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  1. She won't go near it with the lid closed, so its open so she can explore it at her own time. It had been in there for 8 months previously and she wouldn't go anywhere near it, even if I placed her in it and closed the lid lol, it has wood shavings in it Is there any way to treat it? Other than treating its causes first by having the cause identified, no other treatment other than what you are already doing.......... http://www3.sympatic...n/obstruct.html I've been to 2 separate bird vets [which have costed me an arm and a leg] and they have both said she is healthy, so I dunno what else it could be.
  2. She has never bred before and has been in the breeding condition for over a year, her and Confetti look like they are going to breed, as he mounts her from time to time, but never actually do it I guess, otherwise I would be seeing eggs by now.
  3. It has been a very long time since I last posted on the forums, but I have a question. My female, Lemon, has been in her breeding condition for over a year now. She is 3 years old. We have put a breeding box in there with the lid open so she can explore it without it being a dark scary place for her, her cere is brown, and not only that its got some sort of hard flaky build up on it. She has been to the vets maybe 10 months ago along with my male, Confetti, both are very healthy, and last time I was there, she picked off the flaky stuff from Lemons cere. I've been trying to do this like instructed when it got too built up, but she can still breath, so that isn't the issue. How can I scrap/peel it off without hurting here? I tried before and I only managed to get small tiny bits off and maybe 2 and a half larger flakes, but I was scared I was gonna end up ripping the whole cere off if I put too much force onto it. Help D:
  4. Its 5pm now, theyd be closed. Ill have to take her tomorrow morning.
  5. Okay I just recently gotten back from the shops and bought some more cuttle bone for the cage and as I was putting it in, Lemon was making a very strained noise and she looked a bit in pain, she has a few dropping covering her feathers around her bottom, what is going on with her? I am kinda freaking out. What should I do with her?
  6. They are about 12 months old, and they arn't related lol> But I was planning on breeding them when I got back from overseas at the end of the year, wanted to breed them atleast once, to see how well it went.
  7. Well today I had found out, Lemon and Cofetti, well they are doing alot of kissing and stuff, and I don't know if they are practicing for anything, but she lowers herself and he jumps ontop, they arn't doing anything other then that, but he keeps pushing her down on the perch and hopping up on top of her.. So what do I do? Cause I am starting to think maybe I should just buy a breeding box with the way they are acting recently.
  8. Lemon has always had a few goes at me if I try to get her out of the cage, mainly cause when I had to every day for 2 weeks to give her medicine so she wouldn't have to be put to sleep like Blueberry did cause of the crop parasites. She and Confetti acted all cute and coupley before her breeding condition, but they've been taking alot of digs at each other since then, but every now and again cuddle up to one another, Confetti even feeds her lol, its adorable. But whenever I do breed them I think they would make good parents.
  9. Nose??? The bit above the beak is called a cere :question: I know its called a cere lol just quickly replied then logged off to go out
  10. her nose is a very dark brown at the moment though, this was taken a month or so before she went into her breeding condition. Mum dosn't want them inside so they stay outside, but covered up at night to try and prevent any cold winds getting to them during the night, though once I move out they will be coming indoors pdunno when that'll be though! ]
  11. Um, and how does your cat being destructive have anything to do with me asking how long my BIRD will be in her breeding condition for? DrNat was refering to the destructive behaviour. We are TRYING to help you here! Do you cover their cage at night? If so for how long? Increasing night time hours can sometimes assist in behaviour changes, such as unwanted breeding etc... I suggest trying this. Perhaps but I don't see a connection between a cat being destructive, and a bird being destructive cause she is in her breeding condition.. And yes I cover the cage, but I do it about an hour after its gotten dark and dad generally uncovered them when he wakes up [which at that point its still dark].
  12. Could be female? My females cere was that exact same colour before she went into her breeding condition.
  13. Yeah I wanna breed her, but not now, the nights have been getting very cold, and I don't want the babies to get too cold when neither parents are sitting on them, that and she is only about 9 months old [as is Confetti].
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