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  1. I'm hoping someone can help me with a little problem. I have an aviary with 5 budgies. There is no nesting material available in the aviary whatsoever because I don't want any breeding going on just yet. I just went out to check my birds and one of the hens is on the perch. I look underneath her and her vent is very swollen. She does have a mate and I have caught them 'in the act' if you know what I mean recently. I'm not sure if she is egg-bound or ready to lay an egg. I'm not prepared for this and I'm not sure what to do...eeeek!
  2. Hmmm...think I might also need to attend this auction!! And there's enough violets for all of us... The great thing about this auction is that Barb can take comfort in the knowledge that her late husband's birds will be going to good homes...
  3. Wow, exciting stuff Amy...you must be excited!! I love the normal violet cock, he's a beauty..as is the hen. I can't wait to start breeding, soon hopefully!! I just need to get some cages cleaned and ready and do some more research but I'm hoping to have 2 pairs down by this time next month.
  4. I have never seen a bird with scaley face or had one with it as yet so I don't know what it looks like, but even I can see something isn't right with that hen!! That pet shop owner should be reported!!! Is scaley mite contagious to other birds? she will be okay.
  5. Looking good Liv, look forward to the pictorial evolution of the results!! :rofl:
  6. Wow love the dom pied Kaz, he's a stunner!!
  7. Good point RIP, pics would make the book more expensive as would the fact that it is a hardcover publication. Thanks for the feedback folks.
  8. Thanks for the feedback Kaz. I paid $29.95 for the book and when I got home I noticed a price tag on the back which said $71.50!!! Bit pricey for a thin book!!
  9. I was at my local bird shop today where I regularly buy my seed and I happened to ask the attendant if they sell Ivermectin. He told me that Ivermectin was not good for birds because there is a high risk of killing them if you add more than a drop. He then presented me with a bottle of Moxidectin and told me this is what I need to use, to add it to their water. Is this a suitable/effective substitute for Ivermectin? What are your thoughts?
  10. I finally purchased a book today on budgerigars. I thought it looked good, it's written by Australian breeders and covers pretty much everything you need to know about general care and breeding. The book is written by Judy Higgins and Betty Rea. Is anyone else familiar with this book and/or the authors? I know its silly to have bought the book and then ask if it is a good one, but I couldn't help myself.
  11. I agree with Birdluv, they are very nice coloured birds. Are you going to breed them? I think they would have nice chicks. I'm certainly no expert but if you look carefully at the photo of Jet, you can see white around the nostrils...perhaps some of the more knowledgeable folk can get in on this. Lovely birds though.
  12. Awwww, still cute!! I didn't realise they take a few days to open their eyes.
  13. Nawwwwww, they are just so adorable Kaz!!! You've got some priceless pics there too. Someone wouldn't happen to be a proud Nanna now would they? :rofl: They've really put on some weight in the last couple of days. I really envy you when it comes time to give them up...
  14. Wow!!! What a wonderful, kind thing to do GB, you are so lucky!! May I ask what the name of the book is? Unfortunately, I do not have any budgerigar publications on my book shelf as of yet and I am after a good quality one that covers all aspects of budgies in Australia...if there is such one.
  15. Another thing to remember Kaz, and getting back to basics, we can all see from the adorable photos you've put up on the forum that the puppies are obviously feeding as they have grown and they have nice little fat tummies!! A very good indication of the terrific job both yourself and Maggie are doing.
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