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  1. I have my seed in the exact same bird bath . Works well doesn't it?
  2. He does have a bit of green on his bum just above his tail, but his body is bright banana yellow. Different to the other yellows I have because he's got the black stripes unlike them.
  3. I bought a large bulk lot of budgies today. Could someone tell me what colours these are please? (Yes they're quarantined away from the other birds). A very pretty yellow cock: These 2: http://i11.photobucket.com/albums/a167/Pos.../Randa/new6.jpg turned to link over the size of 480x640 please don't turn back until resized Sky blue hen with wings that are cinammon brown instead of black (picture shows her next to normal sky blue): And this white one with really faint cinammon wings. She has purple cheek spots. Was hard to get a good picture of her colouring. Poor thing was bred too much by the previous owner because he liked her colouring, so she's old and exhausted . The whole lot we got today:
  4. The worst use of an apostrophe I've ever seen was on a sign at a fruit shop, advertising: Deliciou's Apples.
  5. I don't have photos, as most of them went to a friend of mine who wanted to finish rearing them by hand. But I've been to visit them, and they turned out perfectly healthy and happy . Not a single problem with the 2 hens in the same box. We've moved the aviaries around now and they're in a much bigger one with lots more budgies, so I'm not sure if they'll nest in the same box again, probably not.
  6. They turned out great. We got 7 chicks from the 9 eggs. They were a mix of sky blue, yellow and even a grey/white. They're doing well .
  7. No one wants them? Why not? That's a shame. If you were closer, I'd take them. The colours are really pretty .
  8. I've never done it, but I have friends who house Bourkes and other types with budgies without a problem.
  9. Great photos there . I took in a tame rescued galah last week. He loves a headscratch, dances, and jumps on me as soon as I enter the aviary. So far we haven't found the owners, but I've got people lined up wanting to adopt him.
  10. Ooh lutino Princess Parrots, lovely . I think crested canaries are cute and hilarious :raincloud: .
  11. Yes, we'll keep the ones we want to breed and exchange or sell the others.
  12. We lost 1 budgie last month out the door, a favourite and good breeder, that was devastating enough. We're gonna build safety doors this week now that we've shifted the aviaries around to their new spots. How tall is the aviary you dug 3 feet into the ground? Must be pretty tall if you can afford to have that much height under the soil.
  13. You just need a broom :raincloud:.
  14. That's what I thought, thanks. Yep they will be kept separate.
  15. Today I bought a new aviary out of the Trading Post, and to my surprise it came with 19 budgies! There's a grey and white, which is a colour I've been wanting for ages. If the budgies are staying in the aviary they came in, is there any need to quarantine them in cages?
  16. These 2 photos are the only ones I could find. This was when we first set up the aviary in May last year. You can see how the seed pipes come down the back wall and into the aviary as a trough feeder. Funny you should mention that, he actually constructed them because he travelled alot and needed other people to feed the birds, so their relatives (who were terrified of birds) were able to top up the seed and water without entering the aviary.
  17. Thanks, yeah the feeders in that aviary are quite nifty. They're pvc piping in an L shape that run down the outside of the back wall and in through a large hole. The previous owner designed them to hold 3 weeks worth of seed which can be filled up from the outside. There was also a similar watering system too. It caught rainwater and drip fed it down sprinkler hose into another pvc pipe trough inside. We removed this because it was too difficult to clean the troughs while they were attached to the wall. But the seed holders are really handy, cause at least 6 budgies can feed from each holder at once.
  18. The other 2 babies are doing good at their new home. The friend who handraises babies is excellent at it and I trust her with them. I'll show some updated pics when they're older. The attacked hen who survived seems to be getting better. I put her in a hospital cage for a couple of days, and she's perked up a fair bit. Her only injury was the bitten foot (thankfully!), so now it Yes I think that's what I'll do. It's just getting way too cold for them anyway. Melbourne is FREEEZING right now.
  19. Thanks for the links. I had actually considered using a sock and cutting holes in it for the head and wings. Bobble is still in a cage inside because he chewed off his previous jumper .
  20. Here is today's rescue. An animal shelter phoned me saying someone had brought in a galah they caught in the backyard and took to it to a vet, who passed it on to the shelter. I arrived with a pet carrier and thick gloves, got in their aviary expecting the galah to screech and fly around, instead she looked at me with excitement and jumped on my shoulder . Turns out it wasn't an aviary bird, but somebody's tame pet. She refused to get off my shoulder, so we got her in a towel. All the way home in the car she kept shoving her head up against the door of the pet carrier so I could scratch her head, it was so cute . When I put her in the spare aviary, she jumped out and launched herself at the seed, like she hadn't eaten in days. Which she possibly hadn't. The vet and I are still looking for her owner, but until then she's staying with me. Name suggestions anyone? I like Rosie .
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