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  1. Nice pair of budgies!! :-)
  2. Looks like a buff budgie.... like a Buff Chicken..... Never seen this before.. hmmm and that second Videos... that water is nasty... I wouldnt wanna drink that..
  3. I would think it would work... But this is what I use >>>>>>> Ivomec Pour On
  4. Do you have a Blain's Farm & Fleet Store where you're at ??? They sell it there......
  5. Nice Birds.... For some reason I like the cinnamon in budgies.. lol (Don't know why) But I do.......
  6. Nice setup... I like the cages better to then the wood.. :-)
  7. Nice KAZ!! Always nice to look at you're birds..
  8. Sorry to hear about you're budgie.... I also wanted to get out cause of budgie problems... but where all going to have problems.... I would recommend taken the dead bird to the vet so you know what exactly what the bird has.... and clean the current cage.... and hope the other bird didn't catch it.. Hope you keep you're current Budgie!!
  9. BudgieB


    Hello, and Welcome to the forum... I agree KAZ Does have nice birds.. :rofl:
  10. Update: I caught that bird that got loose...... Now hes resting in his own cage.......
  11. yep, you're right kaz.... I should of closed the garage door.... (nothings in the garage) except my birds... No car has ever been in it.. actually to small for a car.. lol Well, I guess you learn from you're mistakes.. I do like these green cinnamon pair... Now I have a extra hen... I'm going to stay in the game.... I never am a quitter... I used to raise chickens...... I had some ups and downs....... Then I found my self with too MANY chickens.. I had over 200..... talk about a lot of chicken poo.. lol Anyways.. I'm going to save some money and buy me a shed..... and build a Aviary for them.... I could also convert this garage to an aviary.... But.. I gotta add new everything.... might as well gut it out and start from scratch..... I can still hear the budgie that got out..... I mean he was a fast little bird.... NEVER seen a bird fly fast as this one did.. lol Hopefully I can find him at night and catch him.... But I doubt that....
  12. Well, I'm thinking hard of getting out of this hobby..... I'm just having bad luck.... Bought 6 birds, 2 died...... Was cleaning the cage and BOOM the blue male got out,... I tryed to shut the door fast, but he was faster and got out.... So, Now I have 3 birds left.... 2 Hens, and the male..... I sold all my pet budgies(witch I shouldn't) . Now, Here is my Question.. ?? Can I start a family with these 3 birds.. ?? I know all the young will be related to the father, so I wont be able to breed the young tell, I get other ones in.... (that aren't related) I don't know what to do..
  13. Sorry To Hear .... Little One!!!
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