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  1. Becasue your Albino hen is a Mauve and when paired to Sky Blue it will only produce 100% Cobalts.
  2. Yeah sure did. Will get photos and post as soon as I can.
  3. Pride, I have been breeding since April. I do breed in a shed though.
  4. I am so glad that Amy and Kaz are coming. Will be so good to catch up with you guys. Kaz, don't forget me jam. I got more papers for ya. So 2 sleeps to go peeps.
  5. Oi, you lot! Don't forget show this Sunday. Even if you don't show birds come and have a look anyhow. I will have a few things for sale including pedigree and gentic software and I am going to be taking a couple of birds along to show those who want to know how I de-spot birds. See you there. Only 3 days to go.
  6. Fallow is a mutation in its own right where as the Lacewing is a combo of Ino and Cinnamon. Fallow has nothing to do with Cinnamon and in fact if you put Cinnamon into Fallows you can produce a Lacewing look-a-like.
  7. Hey guys. Just could not get a decent picture tonight. As will try again tomorrow. I will answer your questions as well. Just bear with me I have a couple of experiments going at the moment which take a fair bit of time each night.
  8. Sorry I didn't get to that post. I got distracted then my brain just forgot. So far: Chick 1 = Blue Normal Chick 2 = Green Clearwing or Dilute Chick 3 = Normal Chick 4 = Normal Chick 5 = ??? I will take an updated picture tonight.
  9. No photo required. They a pale violet due to the action of the Cinnamon gene. You should notice the body colour will be around half that of a normal.
  10. Spangle Dominant Pied Opaline Sky Blue. WHY? Spangle = thin pale wavy lines over head and down through neck and I am sure I can see a bit on the butt of the wing. Aust Dominant Pied = The location of the body colour vs the ground colour and gut feel. Opaline = Opalesence in neck area and lack of marking typical of Opalines in the neck area through to the mantle. The bird is full body coloured so this rules out and diluting mutations such as Greywing, Cinnamon, Fallow, Dilute etc. Have one eye with an iris ring only, no problem quite common in pieds that have this level of piedness. Before anybody starts calling it a double factor pied I will again inform you good folks that you CANNOT tell if a dom pied is a DF just by looking at it. There is a greater chance it MAY be but until bred with one cannot be sure. He is one very nice looking budgie. Nw we need more pics, back, front, sides. clear and sharpe taken in a soft daylight, no harsh and/or direct sunlight also not under incandesent or fluro lighting.
  11. If it was green those pin feathers would be yellow. They are white. Hey Shazz..........chick 3 and 4 seem to have plum eyes / Is that correct ? Nah, no plum eyes in this nest. They all Black. So is anybody else gonna have a shot? If Not I will post what they currently are later tonight.
  12. Sunday, August 7 ยท 10:00am - 3:00pm Senior Citizens Hall. Patrick Court, Girrawheen Perth, Western Australia All budgerigar Breeders are invited to participate in this event which is club independent. Judges will be Gina House and Bob Levy. All exhibitors will receive tickets in a free door prize. Bring along your birds, family, friends and folding chairs if you have some. A limited number of chairs to use outside will be available. Food and drinks will be available for purchse. There will be raffles plus goods for sale, so come prepared with some loose change. For those on Facebook I have started and event page which has more info and will be update as required. http://www.facebook.com/#!/event.php?eid=239808646042761
  13. Another learning experience to test your observation and knowledge. Nest of five chicks rangeing from 11 days to 3 days old. Parents are a Clearwing Violet(sf) Cobalt cock and a Dk Green/Clearwing, Blue Type II. At this point the mutations of the oldest two can be seen. So lets see who can figure out what they are and why.
  14. Hi Jaco, Yeah I am on TB too. Thanks for the appreciation. As for proper Clearwings, guess that's open for interpretation. In my mind if genetically it's a Clearwing then it is a clearwing regardless of wing clarity.

  15. I am in Armadale. Bit far from you.

  16. Sure do. Where are you?

  17. Certainly does Stew. I got a very nice Danish Pied for him for later as she is too young to breed with at present. I will in a month or two put him to a normal hen and breed all split Danish and of course some Dutch Pieds with any luck.
  18. I tried to scource Darkwing Dilutes without Cinnamon but the breeder just didn't have any. Starting with the Cinnamon version is no problem. The Darkwing is a dominant marking mutation so easy to start off with a few individuals. Currently the hen is paired to a Dilute cock so will produce 100% Dilutes some of which will be Darkwing Dilutes. All cocks will be split for Cinnamon. Once a cabinet becomes vacant the cock will be paired to a Dilute hen and again I will get 100% Dilutes but this time the hens will be Cinnamon with some being Darkwing Cinnamon Dilutes, of course all cocks will be Split for Cinnamon.
  19. She sure has got lovely spots, something my Recessives lack at present. It looks like Norm depsotted her either for a show or the auction. When she is old enough she will be paired to the DEC I have just recently purchased to produce more DEC's and Recessives. Then she will be moved into the Recessive line.
  20. I had intended to atemd this auction but alas my horse was nominated to race that day so I only managed to attended for an hour. It gave me the chance to look at the birds I had picked out from the catalogue and have a look at the quality of birds on offer. I must say that compared to previous auctions in WA there were some very good birds on offer. Of course there was some very ordinary offerings too but if one is just starting in the hobby these birds would be fine if purchased for a resonable price. Personally I am not a big fan of auctions as a buyer. In fact of all the auctions I have attended in WA this is the first one in which I actually purchased a bird. Thanks to Kaz for accepting to be a purchaser on my behalf. So without further adieu here are a couple of pics of the Yellowface Mutant I(SF) Recessive Pied Grey hen. Only a baby and still got a bit of growing to do.
  21. Hi guys, thought I would share with you my new arrivals. I use to breed these varieties back last time I was in the hobby and have just been waiting for the appropriate time to obtain my starting stock to once again breed these rare varieties. Firstly Saddlesbacks. Here is a picture of the two cock birds. The two hens are splits. Next is the Faded hen. She is an Opaline and as such her body colour is more faded than it would normally be. I have only managed to get this one bird as the breeder just did not have any others available. She has been bred with but with no results. She does all the right things except for letting the cock bird have a bit of fun. I am hoping a change of scenery may jog her into laying fertile eggs. Next two pics are of a Cinnamon Darkwing hen and a Cinnamon Darkwing cock respectively. As they are Cinnamon version they are yellower in body colour and the darkwing marking is more Cinnamon in shade. Lastly is the Dark Eyed Clear who is still a young bird and not ready to breed with just yet. Enjoy the pics.
  22. She will be fine to incubate and raise the chicks by herself. As she has laid only a few eggs chances are that any others laid may be infertile so only a few babies will be no problem for her if she is a good mum.
  23. I don't know it it was written without paragraphs but I just don't tend to read any article that continues on in this way. It is as if the author did not stop to catch his breath.
  24. Picked up my new rare budgies from the airport last night. Will share what they are and post pics sometime over the weekend.

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