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  1. Well I am on facebook like a lot of others and also my priorities have changed some what. I am again selling all my birds as I will be selling everything including the house. The boyfriend (Finally found my soulmate) and I are going to be Grey Nomads.


    I pop in from time to time but usually only look and aswer mutation/genetic questions as this is my area of expertise.


    It is a shame the forum have dies a bit but that is the way of things.


    Don't be afraid of Facebook peoples. Just be careful who you make friends. There are privacy controls and you can block people. I know many people who bad mouth facebook and it usually turns out they do cause they are uninformed about it and don't know how to use it. I have found Facebook a very valuable tool for so many reasons.

  2. The colour of the feet is due to presence of melanin. Some varieties are produced by a change in melanin production ie Cinnamon, Ino, Lacewing. Some although change melanin in the body do not in the feet unless combined with one of those previously mentioned ie Cinnamon Dilute. Pieds lose the melanin in the feet due to total absence of melanin due to the action of the "pied gene" which is a difference action to the one that produces Cinnamon etc.


    Young birds can sometimes show pinkish feet as they have not yet moulted and gained the full compliment of melanin in the skin cells.

  3. The Flight Suits I sold were made of lyra type fabic and very light weight. A detachable lanyard (lead) were made of nylon cord for smaller birds and a large nylon leash type for larger birds. They are well made and I used them on my Cockatiels and Galah when I had them. They were also the orignal ones. Any made now would be copies and may not function as intended, especially for the safety of the birds and copies are often just a way for people to make money and they don't think and comfort and safety.

  4. I use to sell bird harnesses. As far as ones for budgies they are very not really that good because the bird is small and the amount of clips make it too cumbersome and awkward. A flight suit is a better option and if interested I think I may still have one around to suit budgies.

  5. I use and sell Birdrec (Ken Yorke's) program. I personally reckon Birdrec is the better program and is continually improved and updated.



    Do you know if they have a trial version you can download to see if you like it?


    No there is no trial version of the program.

  6. Not be a pain or anything but the squares are actually called Punnett Squares which were designed by Reginald C Punnett.


    Definitely a pain RIP. YUP! :rolleyes:


    I'm ALWAYS going to honour my high school science teacher and his calling them Mendel Squares so no matter HOW many times you make this point it won't make an inch of difference okay! Well sorry, but ya teacher got this one wrong.


    Just like trying to explain to some notable budgie breeders that YF is recessive to green and not masked by it, right ;)

    Good luck. Some people just can't assimilate and prefer to listen to the usual run of the mill BS!

  7. From the quick description given it sounds like fodder mite, not red mite. Red mite are small and reddish due to the blood that is ingested. They hide in the daylight and are usually spotted at night. Fodder mite on the other hand are a translucent hue and larger than red mite and can easily be seen in daylight generally hiding under seed dishes etc.


    Before treating make sure of what you have first.

  8. IMG_0357.jpg


    RIP- this is the TCB hen, and yes cock is a sky.... cheeks are violet Im sure, not best shot but this is all I have as shes on eggs ATM.

    thanks for clearing stuff up also...


    Kochy23 - not 100% on plucking chest...


    I'm keen about pair I also...will update



    The cheek patches look grey to me in this picture. Check the tail. Black = Grey Green; Blue = Non Grey

  9. Pair 1

    Albino hen + TCB grey cock/ino

    Hoping to get TCB hens will be 25% and put with possible split cock from pair 3....


    Outcome should be:


    25% Clearbody/Ino cocks

    25% Ino cocks

    25% Clearbody hens

    25% Ino hens



    As the Albino Hen is carrying Blue and Ino (lutino) and the Cock is carrying Blue to show Grey you should get Blues and Greys from the pairing. Blue and Ino (Ino is a collective term) is in effect an Albino not Lutino as this is the designation for the green series Ino.


    You should also get Lutinos and Albinos from this pairing as well. You will also get green series too. You cannot produce any green series of any variety if both birds are Blue series.


    The ino gene will lighten the body and the flights from the Cock bird.



    Pair 3

    TCB Olive hen + Normal blue cock

    trying to get split TCB cocks with good size to use back to pair 1 hens???

    (this hen is daughter to TCB cock pair 1) have 2 eggs so far


    Out come


    50% Normal/Clearbody cocks

    50% Normal hens


    But the colouring is interesting. Because the hen is carrying two dark factors you can expect. Dark greens split blue.


    If she is split blue you should also get cobalts.


    I am guessing here that the cock is a Sky blue. Is the hen an Olive? Often Olives are mistaken for Grey Greens. If the cheek patch is violet and the tail a dark blue then you have a Olive if the tail is black and the cheek patch is grey then you have a Grey Green. If the bird is infact a Grey Green it will affect the results.


    Pride if you are interested in buying a copy of the book Daz posted I still have a few to get rid of at below what you would pay for them in a pet shop. I have both hard and soft cover.

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