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  1. Hi I have 9 show budgie for sale, I have texas clear body, lacewing, opaline, normal and Albino Mostly cocks available Need to sell them real soon..... Please email me at dabru7@gmail.com Will provide pics Cocks $20 Hens $25
  2. Hi, no mail box isnt full just checked... they are still available sorry havnet been on here for awhile can email dabru7@gmail.com cheers
  3. Hi, I have 3-4 male Budgies for sale all from show stock, they are all Normal greys and all split Ress they are just over a year old... I have way too many greys at the moment .. they are $15 each also have cockatiels for sale (lutinos) please PM me
  4. Hey Rashu looks very normal to me... and the chicks holding itself up well.
  5. Yeah I'll let her finish laying then foster the eggs, she is in great condition.... but dont want to leave her alone on eggs.. or I may try put her back and chicks on the floor on the weekend where I can monitor them all day and see whether father is feeding them and hen can sit on the eggs... be one happy family LOL cheers guys
  6. hey thanks, the chicks are 3 weeks old she only attached the middle one out of the 3 not the youngest... I decided to move her alone and she is sitting on another egg she laid... first I put to another hen.... might do the same with the second egg and stop her sitting as she's alone and dont like her feeding herself and sitting on eggs. I tried putting all chick on the floor in ice cream container but the father wasnt paying them attention, so put chicks back in nestbox.... did I do the right thing who knows... should turn out okay.... has anyone had a hen sit on eggs alone?????
  7. I found a 2 week old chick on the floor with a bleeding head and after checking noticed the hen had laid an egg, I have moved her over to another breeding cabinet and left father to finish raising the chicks my question is she has layed another egg in the cage breeding box I moved her to .... should I take her egg away or let her sit on it alone? thanks
  8. yeah worked out well feed the older chick no problem, glad I gave her a chance again.... she's a great mother chicks doing well
  9. thanks for that.... hen is light violet (sky) in colour, maybe she does have a dark factor her sister is dark violet... Finnie no idea is cock is split to blue never breed from him cheers
  10. I have paired a light green normal cin cock and light violet cin opaline Hen, they have fertile egss which Im stoked about as I have been trying to get young from this cock for awhile... Hen is split res pied...cock unknown Just wondering what variety they may produce roughly... cheers
  11. thanks Jenny, yeah I have no other choice at this stage... I guess I should try and see, budgie chicks are bout 1 week to few days old good to hear you have tried similiar .. thanks hipes
  12. Hi I have a question, got hens with babies and wondering if I could put a newly hatched ringneck chick with a budgie to feed for a few days??? not sure... doesnt sound right but would like advise here thanks
  13. thanks for your help, the hen does have more eggs and was still sitting but rest a clear only two fertile, so I put back her oldest chick and it had a full crop when I put it back. Im going to check throughout the day.... see what happens.... if the crop goes empty soon and doesnt seem to feed it then I'll put it straight back to the foster. cheers
  14. Hi I just wanted an opionion, I have a first time mum and found her first hatched unfed and near the corner of the nest box.... so I moved it to another hen with 3 few day old chicks . Today I found another hatched chick (last one) this time it was under her and also unfed.... not sure when it hatched was working all day. I decided to leave it for an hour or so before it got dark, but it wasnt feed still so I moved it. I just wanted to ask if I should give her another shot and give her back a chick in the morning and check throughout the day if she does feed it? And also the nest I fostered them to has now 5 and more to hatch! if so how long after its crop goes empty should I move it back? Help here would be great! Thanks for reading peeps!!
  15. Been looking for an avairy for awhile on ebay and googled some sites, just wondering if anyone knows an okay place to go here in Sydney Metro mostly.
  16. hey guys tried to oil but no luck these guys have monster feet it seems....yeah the issue is were all the toes meet, did put a bit of force but didnt want to force anymore!! Vinegar also!!!! do I dip their toes in vinegar for awhile then try the ring last resort or else just leave...\Cheers!!
  17. Thanks Splat and Dave....will def give the oil a go. Cheers!!!!
  18. Was away for work at sunny ACT and got home went to ring 2 chicks and can't as too big, hatched the 12/10/2011, Really want to get them on these guys.... is slicing ring and filing away sharpies a no go??? Cheers!!!
  19. Yeah i think now thats what happened or could of trod on the egg,... oh well lets see if the others make it!!! Thanks for your replies.....
  20. Hi, i saw one of my hens out of the nest and thought I look as eggs are due to hatch, i noticed something I have never seen...half the egg shell was off, and chick was in the membrane sack. Which I understand is suppose to all come off together, the membrane sack was dried and chick was chirpping. I called a mentor and said that I was seeing things and its inpossible to happen, stressing that chick cant break through the shell without going through the membrane sack first. Thanks!!! Anyway it did happen JUST WONDERING IF THIS HAS HAPPENED TO ANYONE ELSE OR AM I THE ONLY FRIUT LOOP WHOS HAD THIS HAPPEN TOO!!!!!!!!!!! What I did made the chick die anyway......
  21. Cheers GB.... I become a freak when they are near hatching....whether they are alive etc.. will stop if it shocks and kills them Dam!!
  22. I Candled my hen that is on her second round, as pevious post chicks were dead in shell..... i noticed when candling them which first is due on the 8th (yesterday) 6 are fertile out of 7, and noticed 4 have arent all taking the space of the whole egg with about less than 1/4 of egg being hollow....I had this happen before and they never hatch in another nest some time ago.... they should be really dark and not see through right towards hatching time. I moved two still in early stages of fertility to another nest which has dud eggs to see what happens Can someone tell me near hatching what it should look like or stages... Thanks!
  23. Thanks I did add, B12 to water.... and also another vitamin and mineral with B12 aswell.
  24. No I am not using B12 in water, I know there's rich source of Thiamine in seeds, whats the best one to get and should it be given before and while breeding.. Will get it for sure asap!! Thanks
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