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  1. What a fantastic story. I'm so glad there are people like you out there willing to make the effort to help a poor little budgie. It really is wonderful
  2. Thanks for the offer Prince_Charming, but unfortunately you live a little far away - I am in Richmond NSW Thanks for that info Robyn . I didn't realise that. I only thought it strange as she had all her other birds out to see except the budgies. Anyway if that's the case, I might go back to the breeder I got Basil from as he has been really good and haven't had any problems with him at all. Unlike poor Sybil who always seemed to have something wrong with her.
  3. Hi all, I have been on here a couple of months but have only just now had a chance to log on and have a look around. I have recently just lost my little female budgie, Sybil and now have my poor little male budgie Basil all alone. I was to get him a new friend but not sure if I should get one sooner rather than later and whether I could get a couple of budgies at the same time or should I just get one female and wait to bring in any more budgies. I am leaning towards just getting one female and letting her settle in with Basil so he doesn't get all stressed out. Also I have been to a variety of places to get budgies the last place the lady only bought out a select few budgies so I couldn't see where she was keeping them or the conditions. I have seen that there is a place at Berkshire Park Bird Farm that has budgies and was wondering if anyone has been there or can recommend somewhere to get another budgie from. Thanks Fiona
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