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  1. You will be, I sold the birds over 10 years ago. Been into Motorbikes and camping. Just came across this link back here. Hope all are doing well. and all the best.
  2. Interesting looking back. For those that don't know, iv'e sold all the birds and changed the Aviary into a storage shed. Breeding the birds and showing them was great. But they do need attention that at the moment in my life I can't give them. Maybe in the future I'll return. Thanks all for the support and I hope you do well with your birds.
  3. Daz

    New Avairy

    This is the End of the Topic and the Aviary. All the birds are gone. The Aviary will be striped back to a plan shed and converted into a Work/Storage Shed for my camping gear. It's been 8 years from the time I started till now. Been good times (Mostly) Thanks Everyone that has Enjoyed My postings. In the words of M>A>S>H> Goodbye, Farewell and Amen
  4. Daz

    Full Sell Out

    Sherlock The Wire fronts are customed made by a Breeder at Gatton. I have long lost contact with him. Sorry. Thanks to all those that have bought my birds in the past. I hope that they have assisted you in your breeding programs. It is an eerie feeling in my back yard. I had nearly 80 birds at the end and they are now gone. It is very quiet. Thank you all again. If you have questions you can still email me and i'll help where I can.
  5. Daz

    Full Sell Out

    HI L_J the Aviary is being turned into a Storage shed for my camping gear. I have a Victory Kingpin Motorcycle that has a trailer that i used to go camping. The trailer and all my gear will be put in the Shed. https://fbcdn-sphotos-b-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-prn1/521953_550440201645264_180227931_n.jpg The Bike and trailer to the far Left is mine. https://fbcdn-sphotos-c-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-prn1/564635_550440281645256_1267442793_n.jpg This is my camping set up.
  6. Daz

    Full Sell Out

    Hi Budgie_Mad I started breeding Budgies back in the 70's But seriously from 2005 when I joined this Forum. Many of my Tips are in the posts here on the forums. I am giving them up for now but will probably get back into them later in life. They are for the time being. Thank you Robyn
  7. Daz

    Full Sell Out

    I am selling all my birds and all my equipment. Prices are low to sell. Any bird is $25. All breeding cabinets are $20 and Cubical. IE a 4 Breeding cubical cabinet is only $80. Nest boxes for $5 a 6 Breeding cubical cabinet is only $120 Pick up only. Brisbane I'll be selling them this weekend. Email me for details daz2264@bigpond.com. any bid left after Sunday will go to a buyer for the Flee Market. Cabinets will be sold on Ebay. A great Opportunity for Beginners to help start their hobby.
  8. Daz

    New Avairy

    This is one of my DEC
  9. some Budgie variety have Orange Beaks some have Flesh coloured beaks. Some Males have blue cere's some have pink cere's Same as the legs.
  10. If your going to the Vet, don't put any water or food in the cage. Put a sheet of clean paper on the bottom of the cage. The vet might want to test the droppings. You can carry the water and food to give on the way home. Remember that Budgies can go days with out water.
  11. Budgies can bond but you can break the bonds by separating them for 7 days. Some are more difficult if they can hear the other bird. If i pair two birds in a breed cage (no nest box) and they don't start to feed each other in two weeks I break them up and try different partners.
  12. Daz

    New Avairy

    Going to pair the dark eyes Nerwen. I have a love of them. I accidently paired a DF Spangle to a recessive so all the offspring were Spangle/rec. Going to pair these to the dark eyes to see if I can improve the breed.
  13. Daz

    New Avairy

    Thanks Robyn. Yes is see that it's been quiet on here.
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