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  1. Oh that sounds great, kyabram it is. I am so excited now, I must get busy and finish insulating one of my aviary's! It will be great to meet you! I am bookmarking my diary in my phone right now!
  2. Hi all, I haven't really posted much before, but I am really wanting to get into showing and am not sure which club to join! I live near Echuca, Victoria so not sure to join a kyabram one or bendigo? The Echuca one I can't find any breeders. I have been breeding a few budgies for a few years but I would love a few show pairs to help me get started. Does anyone know of anyone in the Bendigo/ Shepparton kyabram or there abouts area? If anyone could help me out I would be very grateful Thanking you Sharon
  3. So sorry to hear he is sick , hopefully it is nothing serious. I had a pet budgie with a lump too and he ended up living for 6 years after a vet said he had a tumour so chin up with your love and kindness he will be fine.
  4. Thanks. The babies like it too.Mine would run in and out of the nest playing it was quite funny.
  5. Hi when I was colony breeding I used to sit the nesting box in a plastic cat litter tray with seed in it so if they fell out it would only be into the litter tray I found that worked really well
  6. Hi all :rofl: I have been researching rof quite a while I own about 40 budgies and half of them are my first attempt to breed them in cabinets. I am having a ball at seeing the amazing colors you can get and would love to know how you get the good english bloodlines. I will try to post some photos soon.
  7. Hello I have been breeding budgies for about one year so I am only fairly new to it and am still learning I own 15 budgies would love to add to them thinking of showing one day I was wondering if anyone knew of a good breeder in that area or if anyone is going to the Bendigo,vic show on the 23rd of this month and taking any to sell I was thinking I might find some nice birds there any ideas would be greatly appreciated Thanks Sharon
  8. Wow what a day I have had with it being the first day back to school for my kids and my youngest starting prep I thought I would let the budgies out side in their big aviary as I had them inside till my husband finished their new aviary I let them out and as I was taking the small cage out the aviary door 3 snuck out 2 hens and 1 cock all beautiful english budgies any way I took the kids to school thinking I would never see them again when I got home the boy was on the aviary so I got the hose and tried tosoak him but he flew to the next door neighbour so I then thought I am going to need more preasure so got the bore water hose out that has super preasure and hosed him down he fell out of the tree and my Mum that was there helping was waiting next door to grab him so one down two two go but as the day went on no sight of the two girls took kids to swimming lessons after school come home to find one of the girls hanging on the aviary wire got my super soker bore hose out and got her, put her in the aviary a little drowned but still managed to climb the wire to have some seed now if I can just catch that last one.Well i'm beat I am going to have another look sorry for the long post just wanted everyone to know that there is hope after escapee's.
  9. I have a problem with two young budgies I have inside. I got them off a breeder with good intentions of putting them out side in my aviary but the little pied fellow was having trouble flying so I kept him inside and I kept the other one with him to keep him company, now my trouble is I have gotten attached to them quite a bit and have taught them both to step up and they don't bite now I would like to keep them inside but I would want one that wants to be with me but of course they just want to be with each other how do I pick two beautiful boys.
  10. I can't say i do see any hint of violet in him I might ring the breeder and just double check on that and I will let you all know thank-you everyone for your help Sharon
  11. Hi I am new here and this is one ofmy first budgies, I know he is a pied but not sure of the blue color is it cobalt or a different blue and is he a recessive pied or dominant it is very confusing if any one can help that would be great thank-you in advance. Moderator’s Message Please be aware that HTML is not permitted to be posted. Please ensure you use BBcode in the future. I have corrected your code so your images display. Thanks
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