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    2 budgies-"Sonny"-blue and white male, rescued from the great outdoors July 4, 2003 and "Cher"- green and yellow female, adopted from my niece February 2005, originally bought at a pet store by another relative and given to my niece as a birthday present in August 2004.
    First clutch of 4 eggs laid mid-December 2006, none hatched, and none laid since.
    The male never really had a name until the female came to live with us. My niece had named her "Cher", so of course the male HAD to become "Sonny".
    AND "Lovey-Dove"- a blond male ringneck dove, rescued outside my place of employment July 2008, currently residing in my office.
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  1. I apologize if this question has been answered... the search feature is not working today-keeps saying it can't find the data base, so... short story- I have a rescued bird that lives at the office, been there for over a year since last July. Never had any problems with bugs of any sort UNTIL... three week ago Boss man buys his kid a puppy, but for some reason can't leave puppy at home, puppy goes outside to do her thing- comes back in with fleas. I can't sit at my desk for 10 minutes without getting bitten by fleas, they are getting worse and worse. I removed bird from my office, and set a Zodiac flea fogger off in there yesterday, but of course my office isn't the only place the fleas are- they are in the whole building, about a dozen largish size offices and a long hallway, all carpeted except one. question 1- now that I have ALREADY set a flea fogger off in my office, and it will have been more than 36 hours or so when I go back in to work tomorrow, is it safe to bring bird back in the office and let him out of his cage like I usually do? I have washed off some of his favorite perches, but he goes everywhere- the carpet, the shelves, etc. question 2- knowing the fogger was probably NOT the best thing I could have used (I was desparate and bought the first thing I saw that promised DEATH to the fleas!) what IS my better option to treat the rest of the building? The exterminator guy on retainer for the building is next to useless, all he says is he's got some spray to use on the carpet that we'll have to stay off until it dries... no mention of whether it's harmful to my bird or not. question 3- how likely is it the bird now has fleas too? and what can I use on him now? please help...I have already cried about what to do long enough... and my tears aren't getting rid of the fleas...
  2. Hmm- Nobody has any suggestions? It can't just be me whose birds chew the houseplants! I tried sprouting some of their regular birdseed and let them grow into plants. They didn't even look at them. And they weren't exactly the nicest plants to have in the living room window. Of course these poor little plants aren't looking very nice anymore either. I think every leaf has nibble marks on it! Maybe it's time to just remove all plants all together. But I just keep thinking- if they're eating it, maybe it's for a reason- like they need it for some sort of nutrition? It's a fairly recent development. I've had these plants on that window sill for maybe a year now. And it's just the last couple of months where my birds have started treating it like a salad bar. The regular mix of seeds and pellets I feed them hasn't changed. So...
  3. I have been trying with no luck to find out if a certain plant is safe for birds to nibble on. The tag which came with the plants called them Fittonia. Looking them up online, I have found they also go by these names- Mosaic Plant, Painted Net-Leaf, Painted-Net Leaf, Silver-Net Leaf. I sure hope they are okay, because my birds are just devouring them. Any ideas for a plant that would actually be good for birds to eat, while still making a nice looking house plant? I see lists all over for plants that are "safe"- but how about any actually designated for part of their diet? I mean if they are going to eat it anyway- I should make sure it's going to be something healthy as part of their diet right?
  4. clr

    Funny Budgie Advert!

    the clever cat was cute- wish I could have seen the first one you mentioned- i guess i was too late- Google says the video is unavailable now Bummer
  5. I would love to know more about how to use a net to catch my birds. Sonny and Cher have always been free range birds. They do have a cage, but go in it only at their own choice. Otherwise they are free to enjoy their "tree" or the windowsill or wherever. There have been a couple occasions when we needed to get them into their cage for some reason- and it has not been easy. They are not hand tame. Well, Sonny will step up on a finger IF he happens to already be in his cage where I can get close to him. Cher has never allowed a person to even LOOK at her too closely! I can't seem to search "net" on this site- a quirk of the search function being that your search term has to be 4 or more characters long! (Rather strange I think...) I can't imagine that one would just swoop upon them with the net- but how then to do it?????
  6. clr

    Sonny And Cher

    Sonny and Cher, as some may recall, have been together for about 4 years. He being about age 5 1/2, she about 4 1/2 years old. Cher laid eggs for the only time two years ago, but they did not hatch. Now, two years later, they appear to be mating again. Cher has always been a bit *%! (rhymes with witchy) towards Sonny. She chases him away from whatever food dish he's trying to eat from (there are three dishes, hoping he can finally find one long enough to actually eat something without being bothered). She has never allowed him to "groom" her, and otherwise acts very disdainfully of him. He doesn't give up though, and always wants to sit beside her, sings to her, etc. Then when he does go off somewhere alone, wouldn't you know, there Cher goes too. Like- wait -just because I said to leave me alone didn't mean I want you to leave me alone!!! Lately again (seems it's the same time of year as I wrote about two years ago) Cher has been actually seen to be letting Sonny help preen her, AND Sonny's even gotten to try his "balancing" skills if you know what I mean. He's not too good at it considering he's not been allowed to practice much in the four years they've been together! I don't think I want to encourage any egg laying, so I am making sure there are NOT any cozy little places for Cher to hide in this time around. She does have the remains of that same little log from two years ago- but remains is really all it is- she has pretty much chewed up most of it. It is awfully funny to watch them though. I keep waiting for poor Sonny to land on his head or something because he just looks so clumsy! And seeing Cher let herself be groomed is neat- I have not EVER seen that between these two before. Just a very funny couple of birds- they really do brighten my days- especially today when we are having quite the snow storm here and everything outside is cold, gray and miserable looking. Inside I have two bright, beautiful, noisy little creatures to make me laugh!
  7. clr

    Sonny And Cher

    Sorry for the wrong picture size- I realized as soon as I did it but I don't have the "Edit" option on my posts, so I couldn't do it over. THIS post I can edit- but not the original one??? The picture on the link has been changed down to the right size now- perhaps it could be put back in the original post?
  8. Here's a picture of my favorite parakeets on one of their favorite places to hang out. http://i130.photobucket.com/albums/p256/re...andcher2007.jpg
  9. clr


    It was actually the BOSS-MAN's idea to buy a cage and coax him in to it, he really felt sorry for the poor, scraggly, wretched little thing, and he is the one who also started to call the bird "Lovey-Dove"!!!! Everyone loves our little company "mascot" but I haven't been able to teach him how to answer the phones yet!!!
  10. clr


    Hello all. In addition to my two home budgie birds, I also rescued this beautiful blond male ringneck dove. He was found stray outside the office I work at. Since my apartment is small, with no option for "separate bedrooms" Lovey-Dove lives in my office. He, like my home birdies, is allowed full run of the place. The only time I close his cage door on him is when I leave at the end of the day. There are perches installed around the office, and he loves to investigate my desk drawers. He also enjoys sharing my lunches with me.
  11. clr

    Sonny And Cher

    Sonny and Cher's one and only attempt at raising a family ended with no babies. Which was disappointing, but probably all for the best considering the awkward place Cher chose to lay, and the fact that I then became very busy. They have been mostly content in the intervening almost 2 years. When we adopted Cher, I thought at first that Sonny would be the one to be territorial about what was really his place to begin with. At first, Cher lived in her own small cage, and was only let out when Sonny was locked in his cage. Then Sonny would come back out after Cher had gone back to her cage. Sonny was never really left in his cage with the door closed for long. He has always been a "free-range" bird! The two would talk to each other through the cage bars, and seemed to be getting along, so we started to let them out together . That is when Cher decided that she was moving in with Sonny whether he like it or not! She flew up to his cage, and has been the one territorial about it ever since! Here is their home: While they are never locked inside, except in very rare circumstances, they also show an utter lack of curiosity about the rest of the apartment. They stay either in or on their cage, in their "tree" that I made from a pvc pipe and branches, or on the window sill. Occasionally one will land on the floor lamp or tv across the room, but that's the extent of their own self-imposed boundaries!
  12. clr

    Sonny And Cher

    Hello all. Some of you may remember me as 'reitbauer3' or remember my birds 'Sonny and Cher'. We were here for a brief time in December 2006. I have been busy in the interim, with not much time to 'surf', but things have slowed a bit and I remembered this great site. Sonny is a blue and white male, and he is at least 5 1/2 years old. I can't get any better than an approximate age because he was found outside July 4, 2003, but I think he was a youngster then.. Cher is a green and yellow female. She had been given to my niece as a birthday present in August 2004, so assuming she was a youngster then that would make her about 4 1/2 years old or so. We adopted Cher from my niece February 2005 and the two have been lively happily (sort of) ever after for these last almost 4 years. You can read about their one and only attempt at raising a family by following this link: http://forums.budgiebreeders.asn.au/index....p;hl=reitbauer3 I hope that link works, I'm still unsure how to post things like that. If it doesn't work as a link, you can search for the topic "Laying eggs in a very small log." I will tell more about my funny little companions next time....
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