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  1. Hi, Milk was only an example, your Pine o Clean and dettol etc also has a use by or best before date and this is only to inform you that after this date the company will not guarantee the product. By the way you can still use the milk after the use by date I do. but my choice. PS would you give your childern medicine out of date? again your choice Jack
  2. Hi rachelm The manafacture puts a date for a reason, as in when you buy milk. it may seem okay but they want back the product once out of date. Me no, I wouldn't use it but then I have 4 cows to share with it. Jack
  3. It is sad to lose a bird, but i agree with Dave Jack
  4. Hi all, well I started two years ago and had two pairs in one cage and they started atacking each other over the boxes, i removed one pair and pair breed well, I then read up on here, from then on on have breed in breeding cages with no fighting. I have a mate that colony breeds and has problems all the time. But this is my choice. jack
  5. WOW isn't the right word. But WOW
  6. Hi jlee I started colony breeding but stop before it happened. had a friend that did and he had lots of trouble with it, so I found this forum and went striaght into cabinat breeding and all has been okay. I also brought breeding cabinats on ebay very luck picked up 3 for $110.00. PS I read alot on this sit but don't comment much.
  7. jack

    More New Birds

    Hi, Anne the top pair are very nice. I don't say much just look a lot
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