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  1. Thank you so much. I have been hosing my birds as it has been hot. So Im hurting them by doing that I feel terrible. Is it easy to get Coccivet and can I just use normal disinfect?
  2. I gave them some raspberry and they picked up and have been fine, until yesterday they have it again. Its the same ones that had it last time. They have it for about two days and then fine. I have been hosing the aviary out and they get fresh seed and water morning and night. They do eat off the ground just picking not sure what Im doing wrong.
  3. Hi We took the breeding boxes out about a fortnight ago. And we had 2 females lay eggs on the perch which was fine. But now we have 1 of the females with sticky runny poo on her bottom. I took her out yesterday and put her in a cage inside. She is eating and seems abit better today, but still loose poo. But now I have 5 budgies in the aviary with the same problem. Its like olive green and white, and sticks to there bottom. Just abit woorried.
  4. Hi I have taken the boxes out as you all said. I had a few eggs on the ground which I just took out. One of my females has been abit quite, I took her partner out of aviary last week as has he had abit of scale she was depressed. He went back in two days ago and she was happy. But by that afternoon she was sitting by herself and had a big long poo hanging on her bottom, she would clean it away but it is still happening. I have taken her out and have her inside, she is eating but is very quite. Whats wrong with her??
  5. We use a "Tomcat brand" enclosed Poison Bait container as we have dogs as well and this prevents the dogs and our kids from touching it. This appaers to be working fine. I have heard with the traps that you should wash or replace them after catching mice. Also Peanut Butter works really well as the bait for your trap.
  6. okay round 2, hopefully these will be okay. Here goes. A B C D E F G H thanks
  7. will do thanks so much!
  8. Can anyone sex these babies? above L to R No 1 2 3 & 4 above L to R No 1 2 & 3 above No1 above No 5 above closest No1 2 3 & 4 above No6 and 7 above No7 and 8 Thanks Donna
  9. I know this is asking a lot, but can we get a picture of him flying in the aviary? We all love the fact that the little guy made it, especially after that picture you showed us of the bleeding area on the back of the head. we all were very worried at that point. So congrats, but a picture woudl be awesome. David Photos as requested.
  10. Hi, I have been told to take my boxes out during summer as it is to hot for mum and chicks. I have just had two lots of babies come out about a week ago. One of the mums is back in the box and I have another female in another box. What should I do I am very new at this?
  11. Hi everyone, Well our little mate made it .He has recovered well and is now in the aviary. Thanks for all your help. :28:
  12. Thanks again Went to vets today, we need to use a diluted betadine solution and watch for infection (antibiotics). and to also use a collar. Little bloke is trying to fly now also, so I think he was just the runt and got off to a bad start, but he is trying to catch up! If he dosnt pick up fully or if we cant put him in the avairy we will give him to friends who have fallen in love with him.
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