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  1. Is there is a maximum age you can put a ring on? I ask because I would like to put rings (just the split plastic ones) on my new birds who are around the 3-4 month age. Debbie
  2. Put a toilet float valve on the cooler and turn the tap on just a little bit and forget it . Ross Good idea Ross. It would be perfect if my darling puppy didn't have a "thing" for the hose! or is it just the sound of running water? Hopefully we have seen the last of our over 40 days. Last 2 days only got to 39!!!!
  3. I hear you Kaz! We have had nearly 2 weeks straight of 40+! My poor birds have just about had enough, they just sit around all day & have a bit of a flap around at night when it eventually cools off. I'm not sure who is more exhausted - them from the heat or me from filling up the cooler every 30 mins! No relief in sight here for at least another 5 days. :question: we all make it.
  4. I would just like to add that, thank god, when I bought my first budgie from the local pet shop, purely because I thought she was beautiful, I tracked down her breeder, with help from Kaz, and was not only welcomed with open arms but taken "under wing" of this breeder. I think that had I been answered with a "nick off" rather than a big welcome, I probably wouldn't have even considered getting more birds. Yes, a lot of my birds are from pet shops. Do I care? NO. To me they are all beautiful, whether show or pet type. I am grateful to the breeder of my first bird for all the back ground on not only her but other birds of his I have ended up with over the past year. Not once has he asked where I got the bird, just that he felt proud that someone had actually bothered to take the time to find out something about them.
  5. yes he has scaley face. a petshop pitfall? he is being treated accordingly. He is not a bad size for a pet type, but still no where the size of some of my show types! Is he a well marked greywing?
  6. Cool! I've never seen one in person before! Isn't it amazing what you can find hidden in a pet shop! What other mutations is he? Is he a yf2 mauve with some cinnamon? as well as a greywing?
  7. I just couldn't let this little girl stay where she was! Would she be a DF violet? she is a beautiful deep violet colour. There seems to be a faint tinge of cinnamon to her flights. I know she is opaline but is she a greywing also? No flash was just, just natural lighting.
  8. Hi everyone, I wasn't too sure where to post this, but I'm sure it will be moved if it's not right! I have read a few posts about Vetafarm products being hard to get. Since I live about 2 minutes away from them, if anyone is needing their stuff, I would be more than happy to get them & post to other members. Cheers, Debbie
  9. So sorry Kaz. We have 38 forecast for today & 43 tomorrow That is at the airport though, it is usually anywhere from 5 - 10 degrees hotter here! The last time we were forecast 43 we got to 48 in the shade. Can we get to 50? I hope not
  10. I have some of my budgies inside underneath an aircon. I put cardboard on the top with a little verandah overhanging the front & back of the cage. I also make sure the vents aren't pointing down & the "swing" thingy of the aircon swings away from them. I find this keeps the cold air out of the cages whilst giving my little darlings air conned comfort!
  11. Thanks for that Renee, I will keep an eye out for that when our next heat wave hits! The worst I noticed was a young hen lying on the wire that the water sits on. She didn't have her wings out, just seemed to be lying next to the water! I did a bit of a panic and misted her with a cool spray. She perked up straight away & looked at me as if to say "what the *** was THAT for"! I left her alone after that! I think they have figured out that if they sit on the ladder near the cooler it blows cool air on them. They seem to sit there for a few minutes then go to the back corner of the aviary & just sit quietly.
  12. WOW. 46 degrees! I was panicking when it got to 37 in my aviary! I did notice that none were on the ground, even though I had water dishes on the ground for them, they were all sitting on the perches near the cooler with wings out. What can the little guys cope with?
  13. Thanks Dave! I was pretty sure I had 3 boys & a girl! Missed the opaline on the number 3 boy. What do I look for apart from the eyes with the recessive pieds? Is it the barring?
  14. Thankyou Finnie! I would have walked out with more except i'm out of quarantine space :sadsorry:
  15. Went to have a look in the pet shop today, just for a look mind you & walked out with 4 gorgeous little guys! According to the "kid" in the shop, there are 2 girls, a boy & one that is too young to tell! I wasn't in the mood to argue, I kinda knew what I was getting, but hubby & I had a little chuckle to ourselves! One of the "girls", a gorgeous violet spangle cock The one that is too young to tell! I think sky blue pied, just not sure which one yet, I can only tell by the iris rings, please feel free to tell me what she is! This one he got right! A beautiful sky blue spangle cock Another "girl"! I'm thinking YF2 violet? spangle I am hoping I have the sexes right but if I'm wrong please tell me!
  16. Gotta agree with the ice cubes Kaz! I went throught nearly 12 trays of 12 in the cooler on Monday when it reached 48 here. It still got up to 38 in the aviary but I reckon that was pretty good considering how damn hot it was! I didn't lose any birds over our heat wave & today they are like GB, we have gone from over 40 for the last 2 weeks to 29 today! Time for a jumper I think!
  17. So all I was missing was the mauve! I wasn't sure what colour the YF turned mauve. At least I got the girl part right! I did didn't I?
  18. No. The first attempt to break into the aviary was in January...........well before any bird mill accusations. Also that person is from the USA. Was just a thought.
  19. Just wonder if this has something to do with the "bird mill" accusations Kaz?
  20. Hi guys, My little girl is 6 weeks old now & I am yet to figure out her colour. I know ( ) she is a YF2 cinnamon opaline but not sure if she is a mauve (her little sister is mauve) or violet or cobalt like her mum & dad. I have studied her cheek patches & the best colour I can describe them as is brown! Is this possible? Hope the pics are okay, she is a very active little thing! Debbie
  21. I am not looking forward to today. The forecast for Sunday was 42, we got to 46 in the shade. The forecast for yesterday was 42, we got to 48 in the shade, in the sun was 65. The forecast for today is 43, so I hate to think what it's going to be. I was out every 30 mins hosing down the aviaries, filling the water cooler with ice & just praying they would all survive. So far, no losses. Today is going to be really bad, it's 7am and already 33. Another day to keep my fingers crossed that I am doing all I can to help them but it's just so hot.
  22. Beautiful birds Kaz, love the light grey spangle with the flecking, I think flecking is gorgeous!
  23. I remember which is dominant or recessive by saying that a recessive has recessive iris rings, that the rings have receded. helps me remember!
  24. I wish there were some of you guys here in Wagga! Have to rely on pet shop as no breeders around that I know of, apart from one not too far away that has show types, but as far as pet types go, it's pet shop or nothing!
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