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  1. Well, 15 is about as cold as it will get all winter, it will be about 23 during the day, and the aviary is pretty sheltered, no wind or anything like that, and the house would be nearly as cold anyway... I'll feel them and if they are nice and fat I might just put them out...
  2. Because I had 2 birds in the aviary, then one had to be euthanised and the remaining one is quite lonely, so I thought I would move the indoor ones outside to keep it company. But if it's a bad idea then obviously I'm not gonna do it.
  3. Right, I will have to have a feel then. Thanks.
  4. Cool, just checking, don't want them to get sick:)
  5. Just wondering if it's too cold for an indoor budgie to move outside to an aviary when it gets down to 15 at night? Still nice and warm during the day...
  6. Birds can't fly by, the whole backyard is enclosed by catnetting, and they can't see anything above them because of the roof:) So even if they did get out, it would take them a while to figure out how to get through the catnetting.
  7. Thanks:) Yes everthing was painted before we put it together, to prevent it all rotting. I have updated the album with photos of the birds in the aviary. I don't think I will need anything to cover the door, because they are very tolerant of my presence and just sit and look at me whenever I go in there.
  8. Thanks:) There is a roof, but the bottom of it will still get wet when it rains, and when it rains sideways the sides will get wet too.
  9. Yes, the paint is heavy metal free, so it should be perfectly safe. But if they pick it off the wood will rot, unless I constantly paint over exposed wood.
  10. If they chew all the paint off, how do most people solve the problem of using untreated wood? If it's not painted it will rot...
  11. Thanks:) I am pleased with it. I never thought it would look this good when finished, and a lot of that is thanks to my partner because he's such a perfectionist and will re-do anything until it looks perfect, even if it means the construction takes twice as long.. My partner's dad told us it looks professionally made, so we are kind of proud of that:)
  12. lil_fuzzy

    Our Aviary

    My partner and I built an aviary last week. The birds haven't gone in yet, hoping to get them in either today or tomorrow. There are only two of them, and they currently live in a cage in our patio area. Here are the photos: http://mykewlphotos.com/chapter.php?id=61&album_id=10 Total cost: about $350. That includes the concrete.
  13. How do you attach the netting to the inside of the frame? Anyone have any photos of how they constructed their aviaries?
  14. So how do I know which paints are safe? What do I look for?
  15. Thanks, that's pretty much everything I need to know, but if anyone has anything to add feel free