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  1. he has a little coffin all decorated in orange. Miss T asked me to draw a picture of Twitter on the box so I did... and she coloured him in black. She keeps telling us that "Twitter has gone home" When I asked where was home she replied "Down the street and around the corner" Bless 3 year olds. I feel terrible for having not checked him in the morning. If I had, I might have noticed sooner. His Cage is near a window and we had forgotten to put his covers on overnight. I usually do it last thing at night, and Miss T usually wakes him up and has a conversation with him and talk time... I forget that he was just a baby - he seemed like he'd been a part of us for always. Miss T is already asking for a new bird. Might hold her off for a little bit. Though, the house seems remarkably quiet at the moment. My smoke detector is beeping at me occasionally and I think it is Twitter, and then I have to do a double take... *sigh* I hate loosing pets...
  2. Twitter bird, sleeping so sweetly on the bottom of the cage. The horror as I found you on the bottom of the cage. Miss T standing next to me, shielding her from the facts. Brought you downstairs to tell her that you had left us... that you had died. The pain as I watched her heart break. I don't know what happened. Where you too cold? Was there something wrong? Only yesterday you were giving me kisses! You had food, you had water, you had room, you were singing and squawking having a grand old time. Why did you go? We are all heartbroken. Tara is colouring your coffin box as we speak. I don't know where you are going to go though... we don't have a yard to bury you in. Why did you have to leave?
  3. I really love sootie's designs. they are so classic and classy!
  4. looking forward to watching this come along!
  5. does your camera have a video option?
  6. Oh my goodness they are PURDY! A Cobalt something cock (Iridescent bright blue that graduated to dark blue tail - white tipped feathers on wings) A Lutino hen (yellow with white cheeks?) A Grey cock Wow. They were stunning. The Cobalt cock had paired himself with a young yellow/green pied hen (with white cheeks and funny eyes) and would attack any other that came near. The young budgies were in a bit of a panic with the bigger ones There was one stunning pied blue spangle? (could be pulling that out of the whaaaazooo !) that was beautiful - very young - lots of stripes on his head, with a big white splodge on the back of his head.... Anyway, the big ones were rung. One was black, and one was possibly blue? though that could have just been lighting and angles and they could have all been black!) I was just awed to see them! (oh, they were in a pet store)... they were really really impressive!
  7. studiobird

    New Avairy

    I know it is not birds, but in the Rat and Mouse club we do not recommend shavings for cages or nesting (or show tanks) because they contain phenols that are really strong - especially for new born sensitive respiratory systems. In rats it can often cause Mycoplasma Pulmosis to develop early, and secondary infections are then given a chance to take hold. We use recycled paper cat litter.
  8. Just for the record, the red will stain as well, so even if you get it the paint off the dye in the paint will dye natural fibers (ie: feathers)
  9. Tonight Twitter and I have had some quality fun time on the couch. Cuddling, singing, playing... And learnt a new trick! Twitter now gives me kisses! I make a kiss kiss sound and he gives me a kiss (provided I put my face nearby). he even started climbing up my front to give me a kiss if he was sitting on my tummy. He's so sweet! Little cheeky bugger likes aiming for my nose ring though (but soon learnt that did not give him a click or treat!)
  10. I would love to see a video of them! great shot!
  11. Have you seen the Gay penguins in Germany who are now raising a chick? Birds are wonderful!
  12. I love the white/blue bird at the top of the tub and photo.... what type bird is that? it is beautiful! There is also a turquoise/aqua tinted bird that I love too... oooh. sooo many purdy burdies.
  13. Well, I thought I would do some videos! here is one... and here is the other... Enjoy! (sorry.. not sure if I should embed them or not! not that I know how!)
  14. Quick question. after going through lots of topics here with Ivermectin in the thread I was wondering if it is the only treatment to use for birds? In the Rat and Mouse Club we also have issues with Mites, sometimes worms, lice too - and we require our members to treat for these ailments. We used to recommend using Ivermectin (Oral mainly - used a horse based past and fed with toothpick, or Sheep Oral from vet), but now we actually recommend our members use Revolution/Advantage/Advocate/Frontline etc instead. Members use a tube for their colonly and use a needleless syringe to place on the scruff of the neck. So why do you use Ivermectin exclusively, is it the only one safe for birds?
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