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  1. I would not be surprised if the male bird had another disease. I always thought that he was a little off (intuition). But does that also mean the other three may also have another "primary" disease? I know they were going to test for chlymedia. The post moretm is not yet complete. This morning they said they would call me later today in regardes to the second half of the results. Little worried about that, since it's past the buisness day. thanks, Heather
  2. Hello, Levi As discussed in an earlier post Behaviour/health concerns. I had to euthanize a bird that was 9 months old and general was most concerned when he began showing symptoms like: squeaking like a hamster (especially while eating), white feet and pale cere, lethargy, increased appetite, puffed feathers and a liking for the heat lamp. He was sent away for a post mortem. The first part of the post mortem came back normal (but underweight). I’m waiting on the slide, tissue results. He was the last bird, introduced to the flock. I have a feeling the bacteria came in with him, he was never quite “right”. Piper As a precaution I took in Piper, the very next day. She was most bonded with the deceased bird. She hadn’t come out of her cage for two days and was beginning to also like a heat lamp. Her physical seemed normal but a stool sample revealed Megabacteria. The information at Budgie faq is really interesting. Pickles, Piper and Henry are now on Amphotericin B via syringe twice a day for 30 days. I’m told that the dosage may cause liver damage. I am cleaning several times a day replacing water containers and mashing up fruit and vegetables. Hopefully I caught it in time in the other three, and they are strong enough to get through this. They have another check up on the 21st of Dec. "> Pickles, Henry, Piper
  3. Hello, Thanks for the previous responses. Turns out my hunch was right.... Unfortunately my bird Levi, had to be euthanized today. The avian vet did say she heard some noise in the air sacks. So the hamster like squeaking was probably due to respiratory issues. He has now been sent out for a post mortem. I’ll let you know the verdict; I should have the results in a week. "> As a precaution the female he was most bonded with, is also going to be checked tomorrow. Hopefully the post-mortem and check up with his mate will help me avoid costly health issues with the rest of the flock (three birds left). The vet bill for the sick male was $402 Canadian dollars. I have spent about five hours sterilizing EVERYTHING. Upon veterinarian recommendation I threw out about one quarter of the budgies toys (in which consisted of wood and fabric). Quite the day! "> Heather
  4. Hello, I have a 9 month old budgie which I’m currently worried about. He has always been the smallest in the flock and virtually silent. However, about two weeks ago he began some strange squeaking behaviour. This behaviour was initially cute, but now it's stressful. He cries a lot, the noise is a squeaking noise much like a hamster would make. Since this bird is normally silent I was a little taken back. Has anyone heard a squeaking noise by their budgie? Is this a bad sign? :flowers: I'm especially worried about his pale/white feet and cere. I looked at pictures and they did seem to be pinker. He is under an infra red heat lamp, and seems to like it. His eyes and cere are clear and he is still eating and perching. This all began as a hunch, but his behaviour has gotten weirder and more frequent. He has been going down to the bottom of the cage more today. He also runs around squeaking on the bottom of the cage in between perching. He seemed better yesterday, but now I think i'm back to square one . I think I have decided to take him to an avian vet. Any feedback or similar stories? Thanks Heather
  5. Hi everyone - Here is an update on the babies (Sorry it took sooooo long!)The older chick is a femaleBaby #1 is a maleBaby #3 is a maleBaby #4 is a femaleBaby #5 is a femaleBaby #2 Neville thought was a female - I have not seen the bird since it left for it's new home but here is the only picture I have of it, and it seems to look like a male - I hesitate to question Neville as he seems to ALWAYS be right, so please let me know if I am imagining things. Here is the picture.Great job everyone - I can always rely on you! First hand Photos to Update, Bird in Question: by Heather Below is a current picture of `Dragonwing's baby #2'. Willow (a.ka. Baby #2, second clutch), is now a 1yr. old budgie. This bird now belongs to a friend of mine, but was originally bred by Dragonwing. As Dragonwing stated it has been living under the pretense of being 'female' . I guess I was blind . I was surprised when I saw the disciussion and immediately asked my friend for pictures. However, Boy or not my friend is very happy with the adoption of Willow Baby #2 and Spring (100% female) Baby #5 :question: Willow, Kind of looking male. What do you think everyone? ">"> ......For general interest I have added my friends picture of Willow`s clutch mate. Spring (Dragonwings Baby #5, also listed in the above discussion). "> Heather
  6. More Pictures...Hopfully these will help with the age, sex and mutation! Personally i thought he was a dominant pied or clearflight. Both wings are clear.this is a good picture of the blueside viewthanks 1 Sorry i'm having posting issues"]23
  7. Hello Everyone, I thought it was time to properly introduce my "pet" flock! [ Pickles (11 months), Henry (less then a yr.), Piper(8 months) - My 3/4 budgies Pickles and Henry Portrait of Henry Piper Bath Portrait "]Pickles and Piper- Sisters from different clutches Baby Levi- Newest Addition "] Levi in Quarentine "] Ella - 3 yr old, male teil Hop you enjoyed, bye
  8. Levi - Am I male? Hello, I'm interested to find out if i did in fact choose a male (...trying to even out my flock ). Also I beleive that he is approximately 6-8 weeks old (Is that correct?). Thanks, Heather
  9. I can confirm he is male, everyone is right. Singing like a true boy, he is quite a bit louder then my females. I decided I had take him. Soon as he started talking...I could not resist . Since my two females are the spawn of prolific and accidental breeders, he will be housed separate from the girls. In about two months he may be housed in a separate bird cage beside the girls, but they will only be having supervised play time . I finally got him out of the cage and on my shoulder so he is making great progress! I'm wondering about his age though. He seems more developed then my 4 month old budgie. Thanks Heather
  10. Hello Again, Thank you everyone, for your confirmations. Now the hard part...deciding weather this gorgeous boy is for me (and my fellow female flock). It won't quite be a trio of three girls.
  11. Hello, I'm hoping to add this budgie to my flock, if it is female (my other two are female). However, I have a feeling it's male. Your input would be greatly appreciated. p.s. I have found the website quite informative and all the budgie pictures are gorgeous. Thanks, Heather
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