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  1. Hi all I was lucky enough to pick up 3 bush budgie hens from a dealer in Adelaide who in turn got them from a wildlife park that were culling this years chicks. Sorry for the poor quality phone picture below. I was just wondering if anyone knew of any bush budgie breeders in SA that I might be able to get some bush budgie cock birds from?
  2. Hi all, just thought I'd post a new picture of Ozzy and Ernie. They were both bread by Liv and have grown into huge budgies by pet standards and have had perfect health (touch wood). They are both tame enough that they will fly onto your finger if you hold it out, unless they're on their favourite perch, in which case you have to pry them off.
  3. I just googled bird mills and found this very informative post by, I believe, a very respected person in the budgie world http://forums.budgiebreeders.asn.au/index....showtopic=24979
  4. Wow, they're great pics!! Its going to be 109f (43c) here for the next couple of days, although it will be a few degress cooler up here in the hills. If you want to swap some snow for a few degrees just let me know! I'm a keen weather watcher, so here's a link to my weather station if you want to see whats going on here. :fear http://www.wunderground.com/weatherstation...sp?ID=ISACRAFE2
  5. THey're a relative of the brown snake and are deadly - so my research found
  6. I would have screamed too, I hate snakes!! I've never heard of a dugite before so I looked it up. I was very releived to see they only exist in your part of Australia! Still we get browns, red belly blacks and copperheads up here.
  7. Hopefully it will be fine. it is really common for mature dogs to get lumps, usually they're just fatty deposits, but the vet will be able to tell with a small biopsy. Our dog, Holly, is 13 and and has lots of lumps. they don't bother her at all.
  8. Black Berkshire, I like the sound of that, it sounds very regal! :camera: Thanks for the kind offers of help, I'll certainly take you up on those offers! I heard Michele say "they are very cute aren't they" tonight!! And she was almost a rat-aphobe before! :hurryup:
  9. Introducing Oscar and Ratatouille They're only about twice the size of a mouse, but I'm told they'll get much bigger! Its amazing how friendly they are already after only owning them for 2 days.
  10. Thanks Maesie, that's great info, cheers!!
  11. Excellent, thanks Sunshine, will do! :budgiedance:
  12. After much negotiating, today my sons got a pet rat each. Aiden has a black and white hooded rex and Angus has a black normal with white belly and socks. I know there are many rat owners on here, so I was just wondering if you know of a rat forum that is as informative about rats as this one is about budgies? I checked Kaz's other pet forums post, but it doen't look as if rats are included.
  13. Congrats Liv, thats great! The internet is definitely the biggest "growth industry" currently and IT in general is starting to boom again, we just can't get IT personel at the moment.
  14. Is anyone in Adelaide showing their budgies at the Royal Adelaide Show this year and if so what day?
  15. When we got our finches, 2 were like that and the shop owner said exactly what KAZ said. The feathers grew back in a couple of weeks and they're fine now.
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