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  1. Googled Feeding Budgies Canola Seed, quite a few articles, and yes they can have Canola, it is listed with the good fats.I am so out of it at the moment still, I never gave Google a thought.Thanks for your input. Following Kaz's advice I Googled feeding budgies Canola Seed. Yes they can have it as it belongs to the good fats. Wish I was more up to using the grey matter, never gave Google a thought.Thanks for your reply
  2. Previously checked toxic and non toxic list found no reference. Have had a topic in the food and nutrition section for over a week, has been viewed but no answer to my query. Can Budgies have Canola Seed, and can they eat the plants.
  3. Have had a look through the Tixuc & Non toxic list, am wanting to know if Budgies can have Canola Seed, also eat the plants. Much appreciated any feed back.
  4. Hi Forum Members, just an update as to where I am so far in 2009. I have ringed my first baby Show Budgie, big day that was. All up I have 9 Babies only 4 Show Bird babies, another hen is due to hatch by Wednesday, so 2009 0ff and running. Not very active past few months, it's called old age, and various parts of the Body Beautiful are wearing out, so have to slow down a bit. Anyway happy Breeding to you all, and those that know me, will see you at the next meeting
  5. Hi after a long absense I am just updating my flock for 2009. This week has seen the arrival of 3 new babies, unfortunately 1 of my show hen's eggs did not get fertilised so 4 eggs ended up in the bin today. The male is at her again, but have blocked off the nest to give her a recovery period, plus her cere is as white as, so I do not consider her ready. My other Show Hen has 1 baby with 4 to go hopefully. One of the petshop hens has 2 babies, one of which must be going to be good, 2 days old, has white pinheads showing, and found its legs on the first day, and went for an exploration of the nesting box, think I will name it Stickybeak, it's sibling is the typical weak wings and legs of the newborn. Since last on the Forum I have been weeding out lots of my Birds, as the old health is not mixing too well with the Budgies, so sacrifices must be made. My estimate of no more than 40 birds has dropped, so must be extra careful that I keep only the best, with no xbreeding, hard but I have made it an objective for 2009. Am so cocky have even ordered my 1st show cage to give me incentive. Cheers to you all
  6. Glad to know somebody missed me. It was an awful holiday, no T.V no shops only a General Store and Roadhouse. Too cold to swim, too windy to fish or take boat upriver, so spent the best part of 3 weeks playing Yahtzee and scraping down Wrought Iron Railings of front verandah of house. Then at Sunset the same same type of view each dayYou have to feel sorry for me. And guess what, barring the unforseen will be repeating next Christmas, like we have for the past 17 years. Sucker for punishiment aren't I. Ha Ha Ha. Can't be bothered. I had looked after this neighbours Garden for on 2 years while she nursed a sick Parent in Tasmania, last year I did not have all the birds and what I did have she sort of looked after, just didn't do the little extras that I had asked. This year went through it all again with her, and again she didn't do. So will just not bother again, This year garden "YUK" also + our Serena, so just will not ask again. Yeah! Will teach me not to gloat again, but yes I was devastated at the time, glad I had not paid $100'S of dollars for him. that happening to him sent me on a mad frenzy cleaning out the Avaries, sold a lot of my young birds, just kept a few + the older females for this years breeding, and it is one of the older females that has gone missing.Will certainly find someone else next Christmas. This person thinks I am over fussy with my birds, and just waste time doing the little extras for them Am lucky with my old man, he, when I am not around is just as fussy as I am, different story when I'm on the scene, but who cares as long as they are looked after. He has in fact been known to take his stubby down to the Avairy and sit in there while he drinks it. Often wonder what the conversation is like.
  7. Just to fill you in on the 2 Summers (my twin Creamino's). Before we sent on our Annual Christmas break, I took some drastic action in my Avaries, had a massive cleanout, and my 2 Summers have gone looking for winter in another Avairy. It was a "yes I will" "no I wont" until I did the Ennie Miney Moe, that settled my argument. So now I have mainly 1+ Y.O females for my Breeding this year. have kept a few young ones looking to 2010.
  8. My esmarelda is now safely ensconed with the Boys now, I still refer to She/him as She so have decided to call her a Shim. Shim seems quite happy with the boys, and they do not seem to mind an Esmarelda in their Aviary.
  9. Around this time December last year I was bragging about the new young male I had got at auction very cheaply. It dosent do to brag, as just before we left on our Christmas break he was found dead in our Aviary. I was shattered as in him I had forseen the start of a new era in breeding for me, thinking I had him for 4+ years of breeding. So never count your chickens before they are hatched. Worse was to follow, on returning home in the New Year, one of my breeding females is missing, the person intrusted with their care has not said Peek-a-Boo to me. They were not a bird person and most probably think I would not miss one bird, needless to say I will have to make other arrangements this year.
  10. Trying to make out he has a butt and big boobies, you had better reinforce to him that he is a he not a shim. I think it is just beautiful, and am still smiling at the sight. Must love the camera too, for you to get those poses.
  11. Kaz try $5. I could not believe that I picked up one for that price, I really thought some one would have taken up from there. I managed to push up slightly a couple of birds that I didn't want, but when they went down to the $20 mark, I thought why not experiment on how far to push and when to pull out, one went on to $80, I felt good about what I had done. I hope when you find a club that you will have a good experience, like I have had. Mind you I also have sort of sussed out some of the real serious members, but they too are willing to give a newby the time of day, and that is invaluable information to take on board, even though I may never show a bird, just want to enjoy breeding healthy birds. I think renee that that was part of the reason for it being such a friendly day. yes I sat back on my little perch, and watched the serious bidders not wanting to give and inch, but it was a learning curb for me, and I really enjoyed watching what was happening around me. Glad your friend was happy with my Babies. I as yet have had no complaints re birds I have sold privately, and the one pet shop I frequent, has told me that he will never refuse to take any birds I have to sell, as the customer feed back has been all positive. This encourages me to keep to the path I have mapped out in my head.
  12. Did you see the reply from splat, up to $2,000, that sure was some serious auction.
  13. Today I attended my 1st Club Christmas luncheon, also 1st Budgie auction. The lunch was compliments of Members bringing a plate, which gave our resident caterer a break from preparing the lovely lunches she normally caters for. After lunch the auction took place. I was completly blown away, at actually being in the presense of people who paid big money for the particular birds they wanted to add to there breeding. Me I was happy with what I got, knowing full well the birds I purchased did not fit into real breeders needs. Must add though that had my Husband been with me there was 1 bird that he would have wanted, so what he didn't see wont hurt him. One of our members suggested I bring some of my birds to receive some advice as to what I had. It gave me much satisfaction finally learning the ins and outs of Spangles Pieds Recissive Pieds and the like. Of course it will take time before I will have this expertise, I intend to do as much reading as I can to eventually learn the types I have. There will be much culling in my avaries, as the smaller birds get sold off to make room for the next phase of my hobby. It is really great to meet others who share your dreams of breeding healthy birds and the happy cheerful people that are within the Club make it a real pleasure to attend meetings. Today mind you was my 2nd attendance, and my club is the South West Budgie Club in Mandurah W.A. Cheers everybody
  14. Kaz I woner if rats are like mice. You think you have blocked all exits, but they still find away. With mice I know they wont go through steel wool, but that is mainly in the home, daren't think of what you could be up for doing a roof line. I am sure if we researched we could find a friendly enviro method. Some bright spark is sure to have an answer. On the whole though, the baits do seem like a good idea. One of my designer dogs has eaten mice before I could stop him, he suffered no ill affects. Good luck
  15. Have gone and taken photos of some of my hopeful Cocks for my 2009 breeding. Charlie & Bravo My Bachlor George Bliss ][Paul & Bliss Father & Son George has not mated, he is on 4 Y.O, could I try him again. Last time I left him for over a month, could I have left it longer. Charlie & Bravo are my hopeful up and coming Cocks. I realise I have to be careful with them so as not to get blood lines mixed. Charlie has had one Baby to the Bigger Blue (Paula) who does not fly, I do not want to use her again as I feel it could be unwise as I guess the Hatchlings could inherit some of her bad breeding. Bliss is one of my first clutches and over 1y.o have not bred him yet. His mother is pure white and his Dad is with him in one of the photos
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