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  1. Many of you may have heard or seen this documentry called "The Cove". It is about the slaughter of dolphins in Taiji which have only recently been uncovered to the world through this incredible team led by Ric O'Barry, plotting secret cameras and underwater devices to catch the secret operation where 20-30 fishermen slaughter thousands of dolphins in a hidden cove in Taiji, Japan. Anyhow, I wanted to post it here because this is an absolutely incredible documentry that just blew my mind. It is a film which everyone should see. It has been nominated for an Oscar and gained success in terms of letting the world (and the Japanese people) know the kind of torturious acts going on in Taiji. There is an online petition at the moment to help save the dolphins and I hope everyone here can take the time to sign it. http://www.thepetitionsite.com/takeaction/724210624 Watch the film!
  2. Thanks for the responses everyone. It has definitely opened my eyes to see both sides of the story, and understand the sometimes painful choices vets have to make. I had another case yesterday where a pigeon flew into our shop, it was bleeding from a damaged wing and I took it to another vet this time, they said they would try their best but most likely it would be euthanized. I did ring another local vet where I take my dogs to see what they would say and they basically told me that if it's not a native pigeon, it is considered a pest and would be put down. Also, WIRES only foster cares for native wild animals, pigeons, miners, etc. have not a chance. Are cockatoos native animals?? Anyway, unfortunately I have ran into many cases like this and may run into more in the future, it is something I will have to accept, but it breaks my heart everytime I have to do it. R.I.P birdies
  3. I've been told by another local vet of mine that WIRES don't have their own vet, they are more like a foster care group for injured wild animals. Anyway, I will try them next time I run into this kind of situation again.
  4. I asked them if there were any internal bleeding, and her response was 'there could have been, but that requires an ultrasound or xray' I would have paid for all expenses and cared for it but I didn't think that would be an issue, I thought they would place just as much value on this one life as much as someone's pet bird or dog or cat. Has anyone tried calling WIRES before for Wildlife Rescue? I'm just concerned about the amount of time they take to get to you and if they take the animal to the vet as well? I know they aren't 24/7 so I would hate to have to take the animal back to this place again.
  5. As I was driving home today, I saw a cocktaoo lying in the middle of the road, still moving it's legs. I quickly pulled over, and waited till there were no cars around and picked the bird up and placed it in a box i had in the back of the car. My mum was with me and she held the box till we arrived at Northside Emergency Vet Service, which are open all night for emergencies. During the car ride, the bird managed to stand up on it's legs, and even peeked it's head out once, but I could see some blood in the box and thought hopefully it's just a wing injury and nothing severe. Anyhow, we arrived at the emergency vet, the nurse took the box in, asked me to fill in a form and I took one of their cards to ring them back later to check on the bird (as they do not do callouts to people). About an hour and half later, I rang the vet and the same nurse said the bird was put to sleep because it had a broken wing. I was shocked. I asked her couldn't a bird's wing grow back with nurturing? She said no and told me that it wouldn't survive in the wild and I said what about if it was my pet, and she said no it still couldn't fly again. So I want to ask, if there are some specialists here, whether you think they did enough to save this bird's life, because to me it sounds the same as if telling a human being 'your leg is broken, you will never be able to walk again, therefore you might as well be dead.' I understand these emergency vet places must receive hundreds of injured animals, but I don't believe this bird was so ill that it needed to be put down. Would this bird have had a chance at life again if it was somebody's pet? Do vets place more importance on certain animals than others? Would love to know everyone's thoughts on this.
  6. Yes I had a Sex determination test done on the old bird and the result was a boy. The new bird is from a breeder.
  7. Hey all, I wanted to ask the members here for some advice: I have a bird who has been living by itself for a few months now. A couple of days ago I bought another bird to pair with it because I thought my bird needed a buddy. But they don't seem to get along. My bird is extremely dominating and aggressive towards the new bird. He pecks her when she's eating and does not like her to approach him. Should I give it a few more days before I separate them? Please help! cheekfood
  8. Yes, it is best to use a facecloth or a towel to get the budgie out of the cage. This way your budgie doesn't associate your hand as the big bad monster grabbing it. l usually put a towel or cloth over the cage while traveling to the vet. It will help calm your bird. Also l always put a small blanket over the traveling cage when it is cold outside. Thanks birdluv, definitely going to use a cloth.
  9. catch the bird with your hand and put it in a shoebox? what's the best way, or how do you guys do it? also, I been going easy with my hand in the cage the last few weeks so she can get use to me jus changing the water, food, etc. is this going to undo all that and leave me back at square 1 in terms of her trust with me? :'( maybe I should use a cloth so it doesn't see it as my hand grabbing it...
  10. If I cover her up in the study room where I am, there will be a little noise from me working at the desk, and it's not pitch dark. Also in the mornings I don't get up until 8am and there's lots of light and bird activity outside already....maybe I should just not cover her up and try and leave the study room by 10pm :\
  11. Hey all, I am unsettled about the number of hours of sleep my bird is getting and what to do that would best suit my me and her both. At the moment, her cage is in my study room which is where I am pretty much all the time when I am home. I come home at around 7pm which is dark by then, sometimes later around 11pm. I've been trying to remember to switch on the light in the room before I leave for work in the morning so that when it gets dark at night the light is on and she doesn't get as much of a shock from pitch dark to light when I come home later and need to turn the light on. This however means that she sleeps when I sleep which is around 11 or 12pm and wakes up when the birds start squeaking outside around 7 or 8am. Is this enough hours? Is it also extremely bad bad bad if I forget to leave the light on in the morning before I go to work and she gets a shock from dark to light suddenly when I come home at 7pm or 11pm? Tonight, I tried covering her at 7.30pm and she's just sitting in the bottom half of the cage where it is lit from my desk lamp, at the perch closest to me. Should I persist? Also the issue with covering the cage is that I won't be up until 8.30 or 9am and it is already bright outside / birds chirping away, so will she get a shock from the sudden light? Sorry if I sound like a looney, I really want to get this right!
  12. Thanks Kaz, I will ring the vet tomorrow and ask him.
  13. I have a heater for the room but I don't turn it on for too long because I'm afraid it will dehydrate them. I bought him one of >>these<< but he hasn't gone in yet. Just found some wheat grains and hulled oat from the health shop, couldn't get the triticale in grains - they only had it in flakes, so I'm soaking the wheat and oat grains in water at the moment, should be ready in another 1-2 hours, hopefully he'll eat lots of it.
  14. He's in his own cage, the parrot is in another cage next to him.
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