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  1. Hey Elise, I bought a Mauve Opaline male budgie from you in 2009. We kept the name you gave him and he is now the treasured family pet!

    Thank you so much for breeding such a wonderful pet :)

    He now even has his own girlfriend ;)

  2. okay so do i just chuck the eggs or do i foster them out or do i leave them with her
  3. sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry still havent got pics i keep forgetting ahah. 4th egg 5th nov, 5th egg 7th november,6th egg 9th november-Dom pied grey cock with a cinni dom pied sky hen and 3rd egg on the 6th november-sky YFT1 cock with a sky dom pied hen. and not sure whats going on with the albino hen. i kept her in the breeding cage after the cock passed because she had egg bum and now on the 7th i got an egg and another one on the way soo.. ? fantom pregnancy for the hen hahahah or could i possibly be the dead cocks eggs (from when the cock was alive)
  4. 3 eggs with the Dom pied grey cock with a cinni dom pied sky hen (egg 1-30th,egg 2-1st,egg 3-2nd) 2 eggs with the sky YFT1 cock with a sky dom pied hen (egg 1-31st,egg 2- 2nd) preetty happy with that so far and both hens have the lovely egg bum so more eggs are on there way
  5. okay so i will get pics up soon ahah the yellow df spangle passed for some reason which is a bit sad.
  6. okay ill post pics soon busy today but should get around to it tomorrow. xxxx
  7. heeey i put up some pairs last night (22/Oct/2010) so far all is going good all hens are in the boxes already heres my pairs: Dom pied grey cock with a cinni dom pied sky hen DF spangle cock with a albino hen sky YFT1 cock with a sky dom pied hen any ideas on what i would get ? thankyou.
  8. i will be putting breeding cages in the aviary now! my aviary has a lock. i tried putting my breeding cages in the aviary once before but they had fights and many are now missing toes because the other birds would land on top of the cage and peck at the breeding birds, and so the breeding birds in the cage would bite off their toes.
  9. hey kaz, the nest boxes are slide up doors quite heavy to lift.* well no heavy for humans but heavy for an animal
  10. Last few nights we all had heard someone or something on our back verandah near where my breeding birds were, yesterday i checked my pairs and one pair who had 5 eggs now had three. i double checked my breeding records and i definitely said this pair had 5 eggs but that's not how many eggs i saw, i saw 3. i spent over an hour looking for discarded eggs or shell or traces of egg on their faces or inside the box but, nothing so the eggs mysteriously had disappeared. it seemed quite odd to me and i didn't want to think that someone had been into my breeding cages but this morning the same thing happened. i went to check the eggs and no longer 3 but 0 eggs in the box. something else alarming had happened for a while before the mysterious egg disappearing happened was the water levels on my breeding cages went empty in a day completely dry. this was happening for a week before the eggs. coincidence, health issues or some one tampering with my birds? to be honest I'm quite concerned.
  11. pink budgies are not natural.pink budgies have not been able to been artifisially created either so far. but why why why do we need pink budgies. is the natural unique genetics not enough? do we now need artifisual budgies. to be honest as i stated before it is cruel and unnessiary to create a pink budgie, as i am sure it will not stop there. they will end up like prodotypes and nothing unique will be left. yes a pink budgie does sound amazing, but unfortunatly it is not natually geneticly possible so far. if it was it would be unique but hybrid species and colouring/ injecting eggs with die is taking the fun out of it, i understand others veiws are different but just sharing my own. to me it sounds like we are going round and round in circles with the PINK BUDGIE. And it is making me feel dizy. haha
  12. so many topics i have seen about pink budgies. if it was naturally geneticly possible yes it would be amazing, but as to my understanding its not. dieing budgies or coulouring their food in order to make them pink is cruel in my opinion, to be honest some people are going way to over board with creating the ultimate budgie, a pink budgie. despite all their efforts and unique ways of trying to acheive this it has not yet been possible. and i hope it wont ever be possible, because if we are to geneticly modify a budgies genectics and such no 'original' budgie will be good enough and eventually be fazed out, as has happened in many other animals. i understand the curiosity of the unknown, and how we ponder on what is possible.but pink budgies are not. this is just my veiw point, i do hope this doesnt offend anyone as that was not my intentions. xx
  13. thanks. see what would i do without smart people like you haha. not looking for inos or anythiing specific this time so its all good. but thanks. xx
  14. thanks for the reply ratzy im really hoping to see the outcome with the grey cock as he is such a lovely big bird so if i do get any albinos from their clutch ( which i am assuming i will?) they will be upsized. xx
  15. heey, havent been around in a while due to health reasons but although i am still quite sick i am jumping over that hurdle and now im getting back into breeding. anyway. i have a grey cock up with a albino hen and a skyblue greywing cock also up with an albino hen. to be honestly just had to randomly pick some that are apropriate age and condition as i cant get into the avairy at the moment. any ideas on what ill get?. pick will be up tomorow the skyblue grey wing and albino hen are laying eggs but unfortunatly not in the box as of yet. and the other pair, grey cock and albino hen, has egg bum so looks like im well on my way as yet. aiight, xx
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